Elderly couple struggles with poor health and hardship

Elderly couple struggles with poor health and hardship

BATU PAHAT: Senior citizen, Moin Jono, 73, and his wife, Fatimah Bujal, 56, have been undergoing difficult times in past three years and recently their health took a turn for the worst.

According to Fatimah, Moin who used to work as a carpenter has been ill for the past three years, while she herself could no longer carry out heavy work due to a workplace accident, two years ago.

She said at first, Moin was believed to have Parkinson’s disease due to the body tremor he experienced, but later he was unable to move his whole body.

“Now my husband could only spend his days lying down and needs to be assisted should he want to move his body including eating, changing clothes and cleaning himself.

“His condition worsened when he was not to able speak since last year,” she said when met by Bernama at her house at Jalan Mohd Salleh today.

Fatimah said she herself had to quit her job as a cleaner to take care of her husband apart of her own health issue when the right side of her body became a problem after an accident two years ago.

She said they have to rely on their only son, Aiman Nurhakim, 18, who works part-time to earn just enough to sustain the family while they are also burdened with the house rent of RM600 a month.

“Our family has never received any assistance and sometimes we have to beg for sympathy from family members and friends,” she added.

In the meantime, the hardship faced by the family was bought to the attention of Anak-Anak Jati Batu Pahat Welfare Association (PKAAJ) represented by its Special Welfare Bureau officer, Mohd Hamidi Mad Tap.

Mohd Hamidi said the association would be sending contributions in the form of daily necessities and a cash donation for the family in conjunction with Ramadan and would make a follow-up visit to deliver aid for the Hari Raya celebration.

Meanwhile, Social Security Organization (Socso) branch manager, Suhara Mustaffa said she would investigate Fatimah’s case on whether she is eligible to receive compensation and benefits from Socso since she had an accident at her place of work.