Dr. Mahathir: PH shortcomings due to damage fixing

Dr. Mahathir: PH shortcomings due to damage fixing

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted the government’s shortcomings and mistakes and promised that the PH government will not shed its responsibilities and continue to work hard to fulfill its electoral promises to the people.

“One year is not enough to fix all the wrongdoings by the previous government,” Dr. Mahathir said.

He also spoke about the high expectation that investors have on Malaysia, as a politically stable country free from kleptocracy while the people demand greater development.

He reminded the nation that Malaysia would have been a failed state, had the people not voted PH into power last year on May 9 .

All ears on his national address to mark PH government first year in power. Many Malaysians awaited for his decisions in addressing rising cost of living.

One approach that was announced is the Shared Prosperity approach.

He said the “Shared Prosperity” approach is an effort to ensure that Malaysia continues its path of sustainable development in line with the equitable growth of each value chain, class, community and geography to create a sense of harmony and stability among the people by 2030.

“To achieve this goal, the government outlines at least seven strategic thrusts needed, among others, restructuring and improving the business ecosystem; generating new growth sectors; enhancing talent reformation and national resources; and improving labour market and employee income,” he said when delivering his inaugural speech in conjunction with the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government one-year anniversary here today.

Earlier on he gave an assurance that PH is committed to living up its word and listed some of the coalition’s achievements.

He pointed out that 39.01 percent of its 464 initiatives have been carried out – including suspension or repeal of draconian laws, press freedom, upholding the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and the rule of law, maintaining economic stability and rolling out specific policies for the Felda and Indian communities.

He also blamed race and religion based political parties, Umno and PAS as impediments to reforms by the current government.

“More pressing is the existence of a movement perpetrated by those who were defeated in the last general election and fear the legal process against them,” he said.

“The struggle, which is purportedly to defend the Malays and Islam, is nothing more than an effort to defend robbers who are hoping that if this government falls, their charges would be dropped and they would not be held responsible for the sins committed and damage inflicted.

“My advice is, enough of playing racial and religious issue for political expediency,” he said.

On another note he admitted that Malaysians are somewhat bored with the government blaming the former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration but that was necessary.

“The people may be bored of stories and reports about the actions of the previous government,” he said.

“Even though it is boring, the reality is that the wrongdoings of the BN government under (former premier) Najib Abdul Razak posed a major problem and disrupted the country’s recovery and people’s well-being,” he added.

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