Differences in race, religion shouldn’t be viewed as problems

Differences in race, religion shouldn’t be viewed as problems

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians of various races and religions should not consider their differences a problem and instead embrace the diversity.

Lawyer Muhammad Iqram Zulkupri said this during the Rukun Negara Webinar session entitled “Obor Api Malaysia (Malaysian Torch)” organised by Bernama here today.

He said it has become human nature that when faced with a problem, one will try to find a cure.

“… because when we try to find a cure, we no longer celebrate that difference but we continue to eradicate this different identity, whereas what we should be doing is to celebrate the differences.

“Imagine if all our fingers are as short as the thumb, what will be the shape of our hand? When we no longer see the differences (in people) as a problem, we will face it and get used to it as something that is common in us,” he said.

Elaborating further, Muhammad Iqram said with the differences, the community should sit together and appreciate each other because even with these differences, we are one.

“If we as a family (despite different ideologies) can sit together under one roof, why can’t we as Malaysians of different religions and races not agree to sit under the same Malaysian umbrella?” he asked. 

Meanwhile, touching on the Rukun Negara, Enervive Group of Companies chief executive officer Muhammad Khairul Nizam Bakeri said it was a sacred document that guaranteed the rights of all Malaysians.

“When we can understand the importance and the status of the Constitution, then we can start to leave feelings of apprehension and suspicion that are still hovering in the community because we are confident and believe there is a document that protects the rights of everyone,” he added.