Coway Extends its Lead in Malaysia’s Mattress Rental Market

Coway Extends its Lead in Malaysia’s Mattress Rental Market

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Coway Co., Ltd., a leading environmental home appliances company, is successfully penetrating and dominating Malaysia’s premium mattress rental market based on know-how earned from success in South Korea. Coway was the first company to introduce the mattress rental service in Korea in November 2011 and has been the market leader. It now extends its lead in Malaysia.

Coway Prime Series Mattress
Coway Prime Series Mattress

Coway mattress rental and care system is a new business model that introduced the new concept of premium bed rentals and regular professional mattress care services. Leveraging the know-how of more than 30 years of rental and after-sales service experience, 1,500+ Homecare Technicians, and 12,000+ Cody staff in Korea, Coway’s superior and trusted rental service is appreciated by customers and now captures the heart of Malaysians.

In Malaysia, Coway is the first and the market leader of premium mattress rental with regular mattress care service. Since its debut in early 2020, Coway PRIME Series Mattress has received a strong reception from Malaysian customers, capturing more than 50,000 customers. With Coway’s innovative rental subscription scheme, customers can enjoy premium quality mattresses with regular care service with less than RM5 per night.

“Coway’s success in penetrating and leading in Malaysia’s premium mattress rental market echoes Coway Co. Ltd’s resounding success in clinching 632,000 accounts in South Korea since 2011,” said Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia. Of Korea’s domestic mattress rental market valued at 300 billion KRW (amounting to over RM1.1 billion), Coway has secured a comfortable 60% market share.

“Just as you would provide only the best for your family, Coway offers our customers the best mattress and mattress care possible. We want to change your lives for a brighter future in 2021 and beyond,” he added.

Coway understands the importance of quality sleep in improving one’s quality of life. When life gets overwhelming, our bed is often the one place you can feel safe and rested.

Coway PRIME Series Mattress is a perfect hybrid mattress with benefits of the various materials: the five-zone pocket spring, 100% natural latex, memory foam, coconut fiber, and foam. Together the best of all worlds culminates to provide an excellent holistic sleeping solution for everyone. The mattress’ five-zone pocket spring system is highly flexible to adapt to the sleepers’ body contour and weight, reduces motion transfer so that one could enjoy a good night’s sleep even if your partner changes positions through the night.

Its anti-static fabric helps reduce body static that can lead to problems such as tension and discomfort. The mattress absorbs body static, releasing it into the air. It helps children, adults, and the elderly alike to fight insomnia and enjoy satisfying sleep. Coway PRIME Series mattresses also offer customized support: soft for those who sleep on their side, firm for those who sleep on their backs.

To address sleep hygiene, The Sleep Foundation suggests changing one’s mattress every eight years. With Coway Mattress Care Service and the changeable topper, Coway is confident of retaining its strong position as Malaysia’s number one choice for an affordable premium mattress with thoughtful mattress care service.

The comprehensive Coway 7-Step Mattress Care Service is performed by professional Homecare Technicians once every four months, using the latest hi-tech equipment to clean and care for customers’ mattresses of all brands thoroughly. These steps include dust level measuring, frame cleaning, frame wiping, side edge cleaning, mattress cleaning, dust mite repellent, and UV sterilization.

The mattress care improves the hygiene conditions with a 94.8% removal rate of house dust mite allergens, which achieves below the maintenance level of 10㎍/m2, according to the mattress care effectiveness analysis conducted with KIRBY, a home cleaning system company.

Coway also offers a complimentary fogging disinfection service as part of its Coway Mattress Care Service, sanitizing your room and mattresses from inside-out, providing peace-of-mind and excellent hygiene to all.

Rest assured, Malaysian customers can count on Coway as a trusted brand. Established in 1989, Coway has reached 1.7 million homes across Malaysia and over 7 million customers worldwide.

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