COVID-19 magnitude: Racism, Policies & Politics

COVID-19 magnitude: Racism, Policies & Politics

PSM would like to express our sincere appreciation to the nurses, doctors, laboratory workers, cleaning workers, security guards and all other people working in the health sector across the country for your dedication, sacrifice and perseverance in the fight against the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Thanks to everyone.

The COVID-19 epidemic has hit the world irrespective of countries, races and religions. Initially, when the virus spread in China, there were people in our country who told that the Chinese deserves it. Now, the same virus hit people praying in the mosque in Sri Petaling. There must be another community or group of people who are happy when it gets to others race or religion other than theirs. However, the “greatness” of this virus is that it does not know whether it is white, black or yellow. This virus is “color-blind” and fair to all.

Although the virus is not visible to the naked eye, its effects are feared by everyone today. Those who live in luxury and often travel around the world had to humble themselves and come to a moment of self reflection on their immunity and arrogance. This virus has successfully challenged human immunity and rub on human ego.

In Malaysia, we are keen on foreign workers to do 3D works (dangerous, dirty and difficult) but charge 3 times health charges in public hospitals when they get sick. When PSM critic this practice, many disagreed. Today because of COVID-19, the Government is inviting foreign workers with signs of COVID-19 disease to come to the hospital for free, because today they are finally aware that in the matter of public health, we cannot discriminate against patients.

Today, COVID-19 has made policymakers aware of the importance of public health over cost considerations. In our Country, to all passionate politicians playing racial issues 24/7 all the time, face it now. For those who are still thinking about how to rule, jump in parties, resign, lobbying here and there, today COVID-19 has successfully curbed all gatherings and festivals.

So to this group – please repent and be conscious. Be quiet. COVID-19 teaches us that we must fight this as a human and as a nation. First World countries like Italy have to learn from other countries how to handle this problem.

So as a main analysis, only if everyone plays their role collectively, this problem can be curtailed. Today, we are told to work from home. This is welcomed but not all types of jobs where the employee can work from home or take leave of absence or salary. So, this is also the time when we need to make sure that the rich people with surplus funds channel their money to help other workers with their problems during the crisis. This is called wealth redistribution. The Government should tax the richest instead of calling average people to contribute for Tabung Bantuan COVID-19.

Let us face this crisis peacefully together now.

S Arutchelvan is the deputy chairperson Parti Sosialis Malaysia

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