Clean Trust’s portable ultraviolet product Norya uses advanced UVC LED sterilization technology

Clean Trust’s portable ultraviolet product Norya uses advanced UVC LED sterilization technology

BEIJING, May 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Clean Trust’s portable ultraviolet product Norya uses advanced UVC LED sterilization technology. It is a sterilizer that can be carried in bags. The product adopts the original imported UVC LED lamp beads and smart chip. The ergonomic design makes Norya’s sterilization work more efficient. The service life of a deep ultraviolet UVC LED lamp bead can reach more than 15,000 hours, which is economical and practical. CNC screen design can accurately display the time. The product is equipped with a child lock to avoid accidental injury. In addition, Norya has also obtained authoritative certifications, including EU RoHS certification, EU CE safety certification, US FCC certification, US FDA certification, China CMA certification, Guangwei test sterilization effect certification, Hong Kong standard inspection STC report, etc.

Clean Trust's portable ultraviolet product Norya uses advanced UVC LED sterilization technology
Clean Trust’s portable ultraviolet product Norya uses advanced UVC LED sterilization technology

Recently, Norya‘s upgraded product Atlas has just been launched. It contains three UVC LED lamp beads, and its sterilization ability is more powerful. The design of some details is also very user-friendly. It has gravity deflection protection. When the product deflects out of the safe range (35 degrees — 45 degress) under the sterilization state, the lamp bead will automatically close to stop working; when the product flips down and returns to the work area, the lamp bead will automatically open to continue working. At the same time, the product retains the child lock design and double protection. Clean Trust is a very powerful brand and trustworthy. In addition, UVC ultraviolet light is invisible light and needs to be tested in a professional optical experiment environment. Because the sterilization ability of the product is very strong, users are also reminded not to direct the eyes and skin when using.

Since the global outbreak of new corona virus in 2020, the whole world has entered a state of war against epidemic, and we have rushed to buy epidemic prevention products. In addition to the continuous sales of masks, alcohol, and hand sanitizers, ultraviolet light sterilization lamp products have also become the focus of panic buying. Recently, some media have also begun to pay attention to ultraviolet disinfection lamps. How to choose a suitable the ultraviolet disinfection device? Clean Trust Technology would like to provide some practical tips for selecting ultraviolet sterilizers.

First, let’s understand the principle of ultraviolet sterilization. In our known spectrum, light from 10 to 400 nanometers is called ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet rays are divided into UVA (320-400nm), UVB (280-320nm) and UVC (200-280nm according to different wavelengths. Among them, UVC has extremely strong penetrating power, which can quickly kill bacteria and viruses and achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection by destroying the DNA or RNA molecular structure of microbial cells. According to the research, the UVC ultraviolet light wavelength is about 265-280nm, which has the strongest light sterilization effect, and can effectively inactivate bacterial viruses such as pneumonia virus, H3N2 influenza virus, and tuberculosis. Therefore, the UVC band sterilizer is always the first choice for ultraviolet sterilization products.

Secondly, how to choose a suitable ultraviolet sterilizer? Compared with chemical sterilization, UV has the advantage of high sterilization efficiency, and the whole process inactivation is usually completed within a few seconds, and does not produce other chemical pollutants. Most of the deep ultraviolet light sources used for disinfection and sterilization in civil and industrial fields are mercury lamps. Due to the significant impact of mercury on human society and the environment, as early as May 24, 2017, the EU Official Gazette officially issued regulations (EU) 2017/852, which stipulated that after December 31, 2018, mercury (mercury) Production and import and export of products. Starting from this year, the international Minamata Convention, which restricts the use and discharge of mercury, has officially entered into force. Traditional mercury lamps will restrict and prohibit production and use, and gradually withdraw from the market. Choose UVC LED sterilizer without pollution, no residue, physical sterilization is more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and necessary for epidemic prevention.

Everyone must carefully identify them and must select products certified by a third-party authoritative testing agency.

At the same time, we also warmly remind you that there are a large number of fake and inferior products that imitate the Clean Trust brand. It is recommended that you buy genuine products from official channels. Clean Trust also solemnly promises that all UV sterilization products produced and sold are UVC band products, please rest assured to buy.

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