China Huadian Ensures Power Supplies at its Overseas Projects with All Hands on Deck

China Huadian Ensures Power Supplies at its Overseas Projects with All Hands on Deck

BEIJING, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As everyone works hard to fight the spread of the virus, China Huadian Corporation LTD., one of the five national power producers and a major player in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, is contributing to make sure its overseas projects continue to generate power for their clients as usual.

A dam operated by China Huadian Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydroelectric Project in Koh Kong, Cambodia. (Source: China Huadian)
A dam operated by China Huadian Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydroelectric Project in Koh Kong, Cambodia. (Source: China Huadian)

In Cambodia, turbines at the Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydroelectric Power Project, with an installed capacity of 338 MW, are spinning as usual even as workers here are taking precautionary measures against COVID-19. Thanks to the collaborative work of the Chinese workers and their Cambodian colleagues, the four generators in the upper and lower stations are running safely. Operating according to the country’s power dispatch plan, the plant chalked up a total of 16.8921 million kilowatt hours for the operational year that ended on February 10, up 3.76 percent from the year before.

Within January, the Teninskaya Power Plant, a China Huadian-TGK-2 joint venture in Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, managed to produce 300 million kilowatt hours of electricity, or 101 percent of the projected output, even when one of the generators was put offline for seven days. Through the application of rigorous technical measures, engineers managed to maximize the efficiency of the units while optimizing the monthly output and all the other targets.

The Saudi Aramco Jazan 3,850-MW Power Plant, currently debugged and operated by China Huadian, is the world’s largest combined-cycle facility to pull a successful grid connection. On February 5, workers connected 12 gas turbines with load and did it on their first try. At an average chamber temperature of 500 degree Centigrade and a dispersion rate of 5 degree Centigrade, better than up to par, the grid connection was declared a success. This integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant, conducting the most advanced environmental technology, is set to be put into full operation by end of 2020. When complete, the IGCC project will effectively alleviate the situation of power shortage of the adjacent Jazan Economic City, and further deepen the Sino-Saudi Arabia energy cooperation.

Projects that are under construction are proceeding according to schedules, as well. In Sihanoukville, Cambodia, construction of 2×350-MW coal-fired power plants, billed to be the largest in the country, continues even as the workers are taking measures necessary against the virus outbreak. They kept working through the Chinese New Year and have finished 60,000 cubic meters of on-land backfilling, or 86 percent of the total backfill work for the main factory area. Meanwhile, they have finished 20 percent of the waterfront cleanup at the dock and all of the cleaning and leveling up of the camp site and the temporary production site.

At China Huadian Bukit Asam Power Plant in Indonesia, construction work continued even as precautions were taken against the virus. Workers here have started installing the fifth section of the steel structure of the boiler for Unit 1. They have completed the 6.85-meter pouring for the base of the steam turbine generator. The third section of the steel structure of the boiler for Unit 2 has been put in place. The project management office is doing everything to coordinate local resources to ensure safety and stability of the construction site.

The 2×660-MW Duyen Hai II supercritical coal-fired generation units currently under construction in Vietnam are set to be the largest overseas project ever built by China Huadian, and the construction work is now going forward full throttle. With the virus posing an on-going threat to business, the company is working closely with local authorities to find a safe way to bring Chinese employees back to work. The company is also working with the local construction safety team to make sure construction stays on schedule and the project targets are met.

As a major player in China’s Belt and Road Initiative and a Chinese company in the context of globalization, China Huadian has a responsibility to make sure its facilities are running as normal so that the world can count on the stability of the industry chain and global capacity.

Since its Asahan I Hydroelectric Power Plant in Indonesia went online for commercial operation in November 2011, China Huadian has been pursuing an out-going strategy in its expansion and so far, this strategy is yielding good results. As of today, China Huadian is running a total installed capacity of 5,430 MW through its overseas facilities, both operational and under construction, in 34 countries and regions that have joined the Belt and Road Initiative, with another 620 MW under its operations. Plus, China Huadian is pursuing and initiating a decision-making process for projects of yet another 15,000 MW till date.

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