Chaos in Indonesia, platform for Islamic State

Chaos in Indonesia, platform for Islamic State

SINGAPORE: The Islamic State (IS) operatives wanted to create chaos by participating in the pro – Prabowo rally in Jakarta, Indonesia as it would serve as a platform to advance its own agenda, said a security expert.

“The IS infiltrated the protestors and participated in the rioting in Jakarta. To create chaos, essential for IS to advance its agenda, its supporters exploit fault lines and create divisions,” said Rohan Gunaratna, a security studies professor.

He said this in response to The Leaders Online’s query on whether the Islamic State operatives have changed their modus operandi of launching suicide attacks as seen as recently in Sri Lanka Easter bombings.

The Jakarta Post yesterday reported that the Indonesian police have arrested two alleged IS affiliates joining the riots in Jakarta that protested the 2019 presidential election results.

The protest was held in support of the losing candidate, Prabowo Subianto against incumbent President Joko Widodo.

Prabowo has distanced himself from the riots that led to the death of six people and 200 injured.

Gunaratna who is with the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Nanyang Technology University, Singapore also blamed the Prabowo’s diverse group of supporters for the riots.

“The Islamist strategy during the election in Indonesia was to support Prabowo to defeat Jokowi, who has been tough on terrorism.”

Jokowi and Prabowo, the candidates for presidential election of 2019 are pancasilists, but Prabowo was supported by exclusivists, extremists and even terrorists,” he said.

Pancasilists refers to those who adhered to the five foundational principles of Indonesia.

“They included the exclusivists (PKS [Muslim Brotherhood]) extremists (Hezbut Tehrir Indonesia [HTI] and Front Pembela Islam [FPI]) and terrorists (Majlis Mujahidin Indonesia [MMI], Jemaah Islamiyah [JI], Jamaah Anshorul Syariat [JAS], Wahdah Islamiyah),” he said.

By: K Pragalath

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