‘Cerita Bulanan KKD’ provides monthly report on ministry’s performance: Fahmi

‘Cerita Bulanan KKD’ provides monthly report on ministry’s performance: Fahmi

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD) has started the ‘Cerita Bulanan KKD’ programme to share a monthly summary of the initiatives implemented by the ministry on social media.

Its minister Fahmi Fadzil (pix) in his Twitter and Facebook posts yesterday said that he firmly adhered to the concept that the people were the ‘employers’ and that they should know the progress and results of the work done.

“Therefore, KKD is determined to report ‘Cerita Bulanan KKD’ to the people every month. Let the people judge the results of our work,“ he said.

In the post, he also shared videos and pictures to report on the seven main focuses for last December, namely the free broadcast of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Cup and the Unity Package prepaid mobile data plan.

Also highlighted were the ministry’s move to provide 800Mbps Internet to facilitate rescuers on duty during the landslide tragedy in Batang Kali, Selangor, the reactivation of 471 communication transmitter stations that were affected after the flood as well as KKD’s Disaster Relief Fund which has channelled RM1 million to flood victims.

Fahmi said the efforts also included an immediate investigation into the alleged disclosure of personal data and engagements with the relevant agencies, in addition to establishing strategic cooperation between the ministry and social media service providers aimed at curbing provocative content involving the 3Rs (royalty, religion, race). -Bernama