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Updated: Bomb threat forces plane to land at Stansted

Updated: Bomb threat forces plane to land at Stansted

An Air India flight to the United States made a precautionary landing at London Stansted on Thursday due to a bomb threat.

Flight AI 191 to Newark International Airport, near New York, took off from Mumbai International Airport on Thursday morning but had to make an emergency landing.

Reports from the ground, which The National could not independently verify, indicate that the plane was escorted by an RAF plane.

Cops says “nothing suspicious” was found on the Air India jet after a bomb threat forced it to make an emergency landing at Stansted Airport today – putting hundreds of passengers in “quarantine”.

Up to 400 passengers were dramatically escorted off the plane by armed cops following the security alert at around 10 am.

They were all frisked and have been held in a holding area for at least eight hours – now facing further delays until they can re-board the jet.

Fire and rescue crews, dressed in full protective body armour and helmets, rushed to the scene – while a chopper flew in as back up.

Sniffers dogs carefully examined luggage – as the aircraft sat in an isolated area, used for terror alerts and hijackings.

Despite the drama, cops confirmed tonight “nothing suspicious” had been found. The plane is set to continue its journey to Newark tonight.

Essex Police said: “Following investigations on the plane, we have now been able to establish there is nothing suspicious on board.

“The aircraft has been handed back to @STN_Airport and the operator.

“We appreciate the patience and understand of everyone involved.”

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