Behind the Scenes of Employee First: A Unique Challenge to Tell a Unique Story

Behind the Scenes of Employee First: A Unique Challenge to Tell a Unique Story

SINGAPORE, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year, HR Asia has embarked on a special project. 2020 has presented all of us with an unprecedented challenge – and like many other organisations, it has compelled HR Asia to create and innovate, while upholding the same standards HR Asia is known for.

Behind the Scenes of Employee First
Behind the Scenes of Employee First

As this meant that a gathering of HR colleagues could not be carried out at all, HR Asia decided to host a virtual ceremony like no other this year. HR Asia still want to showcase and celebrate the best companies to work for in Asia, but also wanted to tell a story of strength, resilience, empathy, and care.

HR Asia found out early on in the nomination process that our winners this year were taking extraordinary measures not just to protect the business, but also to care for their employees. Thus the title of the virtual ceremony/movie: Employee First.

During this challenging year, many organisations are fighting for survival, while their employees are worried about their future. In this movie, HR Asia highlights how each organisation overcame these challenges, and what their future hopes are for each other. Above all HR Asia wanted to show the caring side of companies, who put their employees first during this trying time.

To make this movie happen, the entire recording had to be done remotely (with the exception of the emcee). No production crews were physically present to record the winners. All footage was directed via remote conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Everyone that took on this project said the same thing: this was something they had never done before. Directing HR professionals, who have little to no acting experience, remotely was a unique challenge – but everyone rose magnificently to it.

The results of their work will no doubt be a fitting tribute to all the winners of the HR Asia Best Companies to Work For in Asia. Unique among virtual ceremonies that are in vogue right now, Employee First tells an inspiring story – expressing the pure determination of both employees and employers alike when faced with a battle against any obstacles thrown their way.

Be sure to subscribe to the HR Asia Best Companies to Work For in Asia YouTube channel to watch the premieres on 25 September 2020 (Hong Kong), 2 October 2020 (Indonesia), and 8 October 2020 (Taiwan). Each movie is around 45 minutes long, with a 10 minute pre-show exhibiting making-of footage and other bonus content.

And like some other famous movie franchises, there’s also a bonus post-credits scene for those who are patient enough to watch till the end.

Also, follow the HR Asia Awards Facebook page for more details on a contest held in conjunction with the premiere. Every premiere date will have a contest to win awesome prizes from Swarovski, Nestlé, and more.

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