Artisense Group Stated “No Rose, Just Mask” on Valentine’s Day

Artisense Group Stated “No Rose, Just Mask” on Valentine’s Day

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — While the Artisense Group was founded on creativity, advertising and digital marketing, the group takes on a different perspective to take on current challenges with a heart of gold on a special day. It was a day filled with friendliness combined with heartfelt message to address public welfare.

Bringing friendship and cheer to the public amid global COVID-19 outbreak
Bringing friendship and cheer to the public amid global COVID-19 outbreak

The group seeks to better lives through charity starting from the community and around the neighbourhood. As they say, “Charity starts at home”. Backed by the saying, Artisense Group takes to heart community issues only to spread the good of friendship, comfort and kindness while romance is in the air in an alternative way.

In its quest to challenge COVID-19, Artisense know no barriers in seeking out more masks when the market faces a shortage of masks due to the high demand. Fortunately, the group could successfully get hold of the required quantity of masks in due time. Having sorted out the difficulty, the group managed to secure the masks to conduct the distribution at the pre-arranged venue.

Preparing for the distribution have taken about a week as every mask is being individually wrapped in plastic bags, stapled and then loaded into various boxes hygienically. When the day arrived, the group sets out from their usual workplace and went on foot to KL Sentral station to start distributing the mask to passers-by at late morning on Valentine’s Day, Friday 14th Feb 2020.

The group’s statement, “No Rose, Just Mask” on tee-shirts serves as a reminder of the duty of care to our greater community apart from bringing greater meaning to the celebration through the promotion of great cheer, hope and comfort to the public on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Certainly, a little help will light up the spirit of our community and eventually, the neighbourhood so as to strengthen the fabric of the society and foster greater unity among everyone to combat greater challenges in future. Artisense is out to raise more awareness and encourage necessary safe measures amid a global COVID-19 outbreak. The group hopes that their efforts will bring more peace to the hearts of our people in a time like this.

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