Angry mom blasts daycare teacher for writing note on son’s stomach

Angry mom blasts daycare teacher for writing note on son’s stomach

Being a single mother with a fulltime job has its own set of challenges. Not being able to keep a regular track on the notes sent by teachers is one of them. A Florida woman named Heather Chisum was guilty of the same as she missed out on reading a note sent by her son’s teacher which stated that he needed diapers. But what she found on her son’s belly the other day was totally unexpected.

She saw “Mom I’m out of diapers pls read my report” written with marker on the little kid’s abdomen.

The angry mom shared the shocking incident in a long post on Facebook. She explained the entire incident and asked if she was right to be furious about it or if she was overreacting.

In the long post, which is now viral, she admitted that being a single mom with a full time job, she could not read the report every single day. She narrated the entire incident that how she she was shocked to see the note on the baby’s belly while changing his diaper. She even mentioned that something similar had happened before as well.

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Since being made available online, the Facebook post has garnered over 29k shares. Facebook users flooded the post with comments and expressed their anger over the teacher’s ‘inappropriate’ act.

“Oh my gosh! What the hell? I would be FURIOUS,” a user commented. “I mean you should read the reports of course but this is wildly inexcusable. You are an adult she could have emailed you, called you, told you in person – there are plenty of more appropriate ways to do this. I would be fuming,” another user wrote.

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