An open letter to Dato’ Hans Isaac

An open letter to Dato’ Hans Isaac

Dear Dato’ Hans,

Since this is my first time writing this email to you, please accept my heartiest congratulations for becoming FINAS Chairman which mark one year in administration.

First, I am nobody. I have worked for the Government sector with RTM and am now employed with a private firm.

I was compelled to write this after watching an Instagram live stream of you and your good friend Dato’ Afdlin Shauki.

The takeaway from that conversation Dato’, shows that you are very “passionate” and sincere in taking on the mission to spearhead and dignify the Malaysian film industry.

I may be wrong, or right, but I wish to state that you are hardworking and have struggled in all this time in this position without the need to brown nose anyone.

Every argument, inquiry and personal & professional of yours Dato’ has been “on-point” and “refreshing,” traits that have been unheard of from the top management of government agencies, based on my previous experience.

But as they say about life, ‘in every seed of good, there’s always a piece of bad’. Reading and listening to comments that undermine and belittle you and your team’s good work, to the point of character assassination is heart-breaking.

As you have mentioned Dato’, “Only dishonest people will feel envious of honest men in their duties, simply because they cannot perform their dishonest work.”

The culture of corruption and making money in the government sector remains plentiful despite a slight decline currently.

I hope Dato’, that you carry on with your resilience in carrying out the tasks given.

Think about the sincere and honest workforce that still exists within your organisation. All of this can change, you need to flush out the bad seeds in order to keep your house clean.

What’s important is a ‘culture reboot’ and some ‘leadership development’. If this is possible and successful, I am sure FINAS and other government agencies & departments will benefit, in ensuring all objectives are met.

Finally, keep up the good work and do not give up easily. If you do ever feel like giving up Dato’, remember that there are still many people out there who still appreciate all your initiatives which are being implemented or are in the pipeline.

Yours Sincerely,

Shahrul Nizam