AG: Justice will be served for Adib’s family

AG: Justice will be served for Adib’s family

PUCHONG: The Attorney-General’s Chambers assured the public that the agency will act on the Coroner’s Court verdict pertaining to the death of firefighter, Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

“This is my promise to everyone. We will act on the verdict,” said AG Tan Sri Tommy Thomas, in a statement today.

Last week, Coroner Rofiah Mohamad ruled that Adib’s death was a criminal act, perpetrated by two or three unidentified assailants during a riot outside the Seafield Temple last Nov.

Rofiah also said that the police and FRU had failed in their job to control the riot, contributing to Adib’s untimely demise.

Elaborating on the matter, Thomas said that many are unaware on how the AGC works to resolve a case due to irresponsible speculation and misinformation.

He said that the AGC can only act on a case once the police have completed their investigation and submit their report to a deputy public prosecutor.

“It is at this stage where our role begins. We have to study the report handed by the police, review their recommendations and then charge the individuals accordingly” said Thomas.

He added that the public should allow the police some time and space to reinvestigate the case, as Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador himself had promised to get to the bottom of the matter.

“The police have the resources, experience and expertise to carry out their duties.

“No doubt, Hamid will keep the public informed on the developments of the investigation from time to time,” said Thomas.

On related matter, Malaysian Bar president Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor also urged the public to have faith in the police force to investigate Adib’s case.

He also said that unlike a criminal conviction, an inquest’s verdict does not impute any liability on any individual.

“An inquest is a fact-finding mission to determine how a person died, the cause of the person’s death and if there are any criminal element attached to it.

“Any verdict that touches on the involvement of a crime can only be acted upon based on concluded police investigations,” he said, adding that the police should leave no stone unturned and throw the book against those responsible for Adib’s death.

By G Vinod