2020 a wake-up call for Malaysians, says philanthropist

2020 a wake-up call for Malaysians, says philanthropist

KUALA LUMPUR: The year 2020 should serve as a wake-up call to all Malaysians setting a perfect 20/20 vision on where they want the country to move by working together with the government to create a positive outcome and image for the country.

In making this appeal, prominent philanthropist Tan Sri Robert Phang said the wellbeing of a country did not fall on the government per se but also the responsibility of citizens with their online comments and postings serving an important input on how the country was doing.

The 81-year old activist, who is highly influential among the Chinese community, said their online postings could either feed the positive or wrong image of the country and this would affect how people perceive its stability which could, in turn, attract or chase tourists and investors.

“Therefore, it is imperative, starting from this year onwards, that Malaysian, particularly the netizens to be watchful in online postings, stop all rumour-mongering and speculations.

“When you hear any speculation, it is your duty to stand upright and said where is the evidence. My suggestion to everyone, please stop speculating, particularly on the political scenario…if you don’t stop you could make the country worse,” he told Bernama.

Being a developing country, Phang, who is also the founder and chairman of the Social Care Foundation said, it was paramount for every Malaysian to give full support to the leadership of the duly elected prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Give him the chance to perform. We have reached so far, we must continue to see what is the best way to go forward. If you are to do anything silly now, the whole world will look at us.

“Under all circumstances, I think the right-thinking Malaysians must also be very resilient, must continue to give support to Mahathir.

Phang said the government should continue to deliver on its promises to maintain the trust of the people.

He said the prime minister had earned a good name globally during the 22 years as the fourth prime minister.