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Saudi Arabia lifts travel restrictions on women, grants them more control

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has allowed adult women to travel without permission and granted them more control over family matters, further eroding a heavily criticized male guardianship system at a time of heightened scrutiny over its human rights record. A series

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The Dalai Lama: Women are the Leaders of the Future

In the July 2019 issue of Lion’s Roar, five people share their meaningful moments with the Dalai Lama. Here, Danielle LaPorte recalls her meeting with His Holiness. When I was about to turn thirty, I was given an opportunity to have a

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Breast cancer highest in Penang due to self awareness

PENANG: Penang recorded the highest number of breast cancer cases in the country at 50 cases per 100,000 women due to higher level of self awareness, said Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh. She said this was

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Women in violent relationships have higher risk of mental disorders

TEXAS: Women in violent relationships have an increased risk of suffering from mental disorders, suggests a new study. According to a study published in Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders journal, the unpredictable violence not only causes physical injuries to

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Marathwada’s women go wombless due to career opportunity

MAHARASHTRA: Women folk in Marathwada region opt to undergo hysterectomies to remove their wombs to boost their career opportunity in the sugar cane industry. “You will hardly find women with wombs in these villages. These are villages of womb-less women,”

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