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Netanyahu returns to power with Likud and ally having 35 seats each

TEL AVIV: Incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was returned to power in the general election yesterday as his party- Likud, won 35 out of the 36 seats that it contested. The loss of one seat also means that Likud

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Political milkshakes whip up buzz in Israeli vote

Election day in Israel is a national holiday, and a local restaurant is inviting customers to order milkshakes tailored for the special day. The drinks, topped with whipped cream, are decorated with the faces of Israel’s three major candidates:  Prime Minister

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Trump recognizes Golan Heights as Israeli, boosting Netanyahu and angering Syria

WASHINGTON: U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday recognized Israel’s 1981 annexation of the Golan Heights in an election boost for visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, prompting a sharp response from Syria, which once held the strategic land. With Netanyahu

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