Zakir dares Modi to explain ban

Zakir dares Modi to explain ban

PUTRAJAYA: Controversial Indian Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik dared Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explain the meaning of a ban as the latter failed to understand the difference between a ban and an exclusion.

“For the National Intelligence Agency or Modi to say that I inspired terrorists, where is the text? He is saying Naik is banned in many countries. It is nonsense.

“They say I am banned in the United Kingdom. explain the ban,” said Zakir in an interview with a Kerala based magazine, The Weekly.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has constantly used Zakir Naik as his political fodder as well.

Media reports previously have reported previously that Zakir is banned in the United Kingdom and Canada. He is also wanted in India and Bangladesh for terrorism related charges.

Zakir then went on to explain that he was actually excluded, not banned, using the UK as an example.

“There is a difference between banned and excluded. Excluded means i am not allowed to enter and it was for three years which is already over.

“Even the exclusion on the UK was poliically motivated.”

The preacher who now lives in Putrajaya with his wife pointed out that a ban would include his speeches via a satellite channel called Peace TV.

“Banned means my literature cannot be sold or distributed my video recording cannot go on the satellite but there is an official channel in the Uk called Peace TV.

He also denied that he and the satellite channel was promoting terrorism.

“If Peace TV is creating terrorism then how come rest of the countries are allowing it? It is in US till now. Lately we put it off due to financial problems.

“So do you mean to say US is promoting terrorism. It is so illogical.”

In the same interview, Zakir also said that he was willing to return to India to face money laundering related charges by the NIA.

His willingness is based on his confidence with the judiciary.

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