Wife of Ammar Alfian’s betrayed being six months pregnant?

by Theleaders-Online | May 21, 2019 8:27 am

Wife to actor Ammar Alfian, Nelissa Nezam claims her husband is cheating when she is six months pregnant. The disclosure was made by Nelissa through a recent entry on her Instagram account.

Nelissa uploaded a photo of a pregnancy test with a long caption that reads as follows:

“This Ramadan has tested me in ways I never thought I would be tested … Unfortunately, I found out my husband of 3 years cheated on me while I was 6 months pregnant with his child.

“When I found out, it felt like my whole world had come crashing down and that I would not have the will to get through it.

“Thankfully I’m finding the strength in me through the support of close family and friends that are helping me pick up the pieces that he so carelessly broke.

“I never knew I was married to someone who is capable of such a heartless act. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and that Allah has better plans for me and my baby.

“Even though this Ramadan has been the toughest for me to endure, I’m thankful for all that it has thought me and will continue to teach me. It will only get better from here, Insya-Allah. #Singlemother” writes Nelissa.

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