Verkada Introduces Environmental Sensor to Provide Enhanced Visibility into Physical Spaces

Verkada Introduces Environmental Sensor to Provide Enhanced Visibility into Physical Spaces

Sensors seamlessly integrate with Verkada’s enterprise video security and access control solutions to deliver real-time insights into buildings

Verkada accelerates business growth in Q2 2020 with 65 percent quarter-over-quarter revenue growth amidst COVID-19 pandemic

SAN MATEO, California, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Verkada, the leader in cloud-managed enterprise building security, today announced the release of its environmental sensor product line and its initial product, the SV11. The announcement comes on the heels of Verkada’s recent Series C funding and successful launch of its access control line, further establishing the company as the provider of the operating system for modern, integrated buildings.

“Our customers are responsible for the systems that keep facilities online, and our mission is to give those administrators the best possible tools to do their jobs,” said Filip Kaliszan, CEO and co-founder of Verkada. “Whether it be monitoring the status of a server room, the temperature of a patient room in a hospital, or the air quality of a school, the SV11 gives facilities and staff unprecedented visibility and control over the sites they’re responsible for keeping safe and secure.”

The SV11 is a simple-to-deploy, powerful sensing device that provides enhanced visibility into what is happening in a physical space. The cloud-managed device seamlessly integrates with Verkada’s industry-leading enterprise video security solution, allowing organizations to review context and quickly associate sensor events with relevant video footage.

The interface delivers real-time insights and makes it easy to respond to proactive alerts or conduct investigations into past incidents. Customers across a range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, and hospitality, have already deployed the SV11 to monitor:

  • Air quality: Protect your environment from invisible threats like gas and chemical leaks, or detect illicit activities like vaping and smoking.
  • Temperature and humidity: Monitor changes in temperature and humidity that may damage expensive infrastructure, materials, or food and medical supplies.
  • Motion and occupancy: Detect motion or occupancy in bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private areas where cameras are not appropriate.
  • Noise levels: Detect activity or disturbances without violating privacy.

“The ability to deploy Verkada’s sensor in our network closets has provided us with complete visibility into what’s happening in those rooms,” said Rick Palandro, Security and Facilities Operations Engineer at Fox Rothschild LLP. “With Verkada, I’m now able to receive and manage alert notifications remotely the moment temperature rises above a specific threshold. I can instantly mobilize the team to respond to HVAC issues. We’ve shifted from a reactive approach that often resulted in damaged equipment to a proactive one that ensures our equipment is always operating properly.”

“Verkada’s SV11 has empowered us to take a data-driven approach to food manufacturing that helps us stay ahead of the curve on environmental improvements across our plant facility,” said Frank McKinney, COO and Plant Manager of Carolina Ingredients. “By pinpointing where we can set up both preventative and predictive maintenance, we can closely monitor and optimize air quality, efficiency of our HVAC units, and behaviors in the plant, which enables us to more effectively manage the business and deliver quality ingredients and superior blending services that support our customers.”

“We installed the environmental sensor across campuses in areas like bathrooms that are difficult to properly monitor and are therefore likely places for inappropriate activity such as vaping” said Marty Oliver, Director of Technology at Godley Independent School District. “Paired with Verkada’s video monitoring solution, the SV11 provides a new level of visibility into what’s happening in those spaces without infringing on students’ privacy, giving principals, superintendents, and office administrators a more holistic understanding of student activity in school.”

The introduction of the environmental sensor follows accelerated business growth in Q2 2020, highlighted by:

  • Sixty-five percent quarter-over-quarter revenue growth (compared to Q1 2020), including new deployments with Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Rubrik, NextGen America
  • International expansion with new Sales operations in Sydney and Latin America and deployments with Heinemann Australia, Lifeview Residential Care, and Transportes Canales
  • A projection to double headcount by year-end 2020 (compared to year-end 2019)
  • Expansion of its global channel partner program to more than 1,500 resellers
  • The launch of its Access Control solution, which oversold in the first quarter of general availability and surpassed projected sales by more than 400 percent
  • The release of the Bullet Series of hybrid cloud cameras as well as new features as part of a COVID-19 Response Suite, including People Heatmaps, Person of Interest Notifications, and Crowd Notifications

The launch of the SV11 is the next step towards Verkada delivering on its vision to power the modern, integrated building. With security cameras at its core, Verkada is expanding its product offering with new applications such as access control and sensors to deliver the infrastructure that runs safer, smarter buildings.

About Verkada
Verkada is the leader in cloud-managed enterprise building security. Verkada combines an all-in-one hosted software platform with hardware powered by industry-leading, edge-based processing to provide customers with a real-time view into every part of their organization. Designed with simplicity in mind, Verkada’s video security cameras, access control solution, and sensors natively integrate with our platform and are virtually effortless to install, maintain, and manage across hundreds of sites.

Verkada protects more than 4,200 organizations, including more than 30 of the Fortune 500, with the latest security technology without maintenance overhead or unpredictable costs over time. Visit to learn how Verkada is setting the new standard for enterprise building security for customers such as Moapa Valley Water District, Zionsville Community Schools, and Carolina Ingredients and join us on LinkedInTwitter, or Facebook.

Verkada's SV11 is a simple-to-deploy, powerful sensing device that provides enhanced visibility into what is happening in a physical space.
Verkada’s SV11 is a simple-to-deploy, powerful sensing device that provides enhanced visibility into what is happening in a physical space.

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