United Imaging Releases Information on Additional Transportable CTs for the U.S.

United Imaging Releases Information on Additional Transportable CTs for the U.S.

HOUSTON, April 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, followed a recent March announcement about transportable CTs with more details on a second collaboration.

Continuing its focus on deploying scanners in portable structures that can be rapidly deployed where they are needed, the company worked with Sea Box®, Inc., a U.S.-based small business that specializes in modular containers, to create another way to install faster CT systems that require patients to hold their breath for shorter periods. These systems that significantly decrease breath-hold requirements are especially important with diseases like COVID-19 that can affect breathing.

“Similar to the approach we announced recently with our other units,” said Jeffrey Bundy, CEO, UIH Solutions, “we wanted to put the best possible scanners in a structure that can be moved from place to place. We know that has been greatly needed elsewhere in the world and we want to be prepared should the efforts here require the same. This is just another option that has its own advantages.”

Chief among these advantages is a separate control room with its own entrance, so the technologist is not exposed to a highly contagious patient. The transporter can take patients directly to a dedicated entrance that’s completely separated. Other characteristics of these new temporary facilities include a high-quality interior finish that (along with the CT system) can be easily cleaned and disinfected. As with the company’s other CT solutions in transportable facilities, MERV 14 filtration is integrated into the air handling system.

Sea Box®, Inc. specializes in the design, modification, and manufacturing of containers and modular building systems that can be customized to suit any number of purposes. “The flexibility of our solutions and the speed of our process made us the right fit for what United Imaging was trying to achieve,” said Bob Welsch, VP of Innovative Sales. “Because they were eager to develop a solution that the rest of the industry could also use, we were excited to jump in and do something that is different and meaningful.”

“We worked on this solution quickly in the hopes that it could be used by our industry and in all of the temporary facilities that are being built across the country. That’s what access really means,” agreed David Bradley, VP of the CT and DR business for United Imaging in the U.S. “Our customers tell us now they want to offer more imaging to more patients, but the space for that may not be within their four walls. The problem is that typical non-traditional installations of CT systems use lower-end CT technology; we believe that critical installations should offer the same high-end CT systems as a typical in-house installation, along with proper infection control and isolation capability. Our customers agree, so we’re working together to make sure that patients who have imaging performed in alternate locations can have the same level of care as anyone else. That focus on equal healthcare for all will always be our mission. It’s who we are as a company.”


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