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UNIQLO Creates Tomorrow Wonderland at China Import Expo through The Art and Science of LifeWear - The Leaders Online

UNIQLO Creates Tomorrow Wonderland at China Import Expo through The Art and Science of LifeWear

UNIQLO Creates Tomorrow Wonderland at China Import Expo through The Art and Science of LifeWear

SHANGHAI, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global apparel retailer, UNIQLO, announces today it will present the company’s latest LifeWear at the China International Import Expo (CIIE), creating a 1,000-square-meter Tomorrow Wonderland to showcase its leading technology, innovation, and design concepts to global manufacturers, retailers and consumers. This year, the UNIQLO booth at CIIE will also feature a preview of the new UNIQLO BEIJING SANLITUN Global Flagship Store, opening Saturday, November 6.              

“As a global apparel brand, UNIQLO is committed to making everyone’s life better through clothing designed based on our LifeWear philosophy. We are pleased to participate CIIE this year again and have created Tomorrow Wonderland to showcase how LifeWear continues to evolve through design, craftsmanship and technological innovation, setting a new standard for what clothing can be for consumers in China and around the world,” said Jalin Wu, Executive Officer of Fast Retailing Group and Chief Marketing Officer of UNIQLO Greater China. “As part of our commitment to create a better future together with our customers in China and reach common prosperity, UNIQLO will open its first global flagship store in Beijing tomorrow. We will continue to bring innovative products and services of world-class quality to more customers in China and around the world.”

Panoramic View of the Exhibition Hall
Panoramic View of the Exhibition Hall

Creating a Tomorrow Wonderland through The Art and Science of LifeWear

The theme of Tomorrow Wonderland embodies the UNIQLO concept of LifeWear, which is inspired by life’s ever-evolving needs. The 1,000-square-meter space will showcase the innovation and technologies behind iconic UNIQLO products across eight zones, including the seamless, new dimension 3D Knit, and Hybrid Down lines, as well as zones dedicated to sustainability and the new UNIQLO BEIJING SANLITUN Global Flagship Store.

Visitors to the booth will be welcomed by a giant 2.5-meter 3D knit dress created using WHOLEGARMENT® technology. Combining fashion, technology and sustainability, 3D Knit saves on yarn and tailoring, allowing for a seamless finish to fit the body, achieving an elegant and comfortable wearing experience.

In anticipation of an upcoming major sports event and the current enthusiasm for winter sports in China, the Tomorrow Wonderland also presents iconic UNIQLO products for cold weather, including Hybrid Down, which employs composite filling technology using high-quality down and functional filling materials that absorb moisture to generate heat. Designed in conjunction with UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador and professional snowboarder Ayumu Hirano, Hybrid Down boasts lightweight, flexible and incredibly warm designs perfect for even the coldest winter days.

In response to the growing importance of green initiatives and low-carbon development, UNIQLO has established an Oasis of Tomorrow zone at the booth. The zone highlights sustainable product design concepts like BlueCycle jeans, which reduce the amount of water used in the jeans finishing process by up to 99%. Visitors can also see firsthand a rare exhibition of the UNIQLO Miao Embroidery Project – a sustainability initiative created to preserve the traditional embroidery techniques of the Miao people that helps ensure important cultural traditions are not lost. A one-square-meter Miao embroidery titled Life and Growth in Nature will be showcased in this area. 

Other zones featuring at the Tomorrow Wonderland include UT (UNIQLO graphic T-shirt), UNIQLO Essentials and a preview of +J Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

A new benchmark for digital consumer retail in China

UNIQLO BEIJING SANLITUN Global Flagship Store, the company’s third global flagship store to open in mainland China and the first in Beijing, will open Saturday, November 6. The new store will engage with Chinese traditions and society, incorporating technology, art, culture, creativity, and sustainability to create a LifeWear experience through curated installations. UNIQLO also aims to engage with Chinese young people frequenting the fashionable Sanlitun shopping district by providing a shopping experience that melds online and offline offerings, setting a new benchmark for digital consumer retail in China.

The new store will provide customers inventive and unique shopping experiences through installations conveying the functionality of representative UNIQLO products, art displays, and Mainland China’s first UNIQLO FLOWER. The store also features Beijing’s first special UT floor, Beijing’s first UTme! customization workshop, and the debut of “New Culture Style,” the first UT collection created in collaboration with Chinese artist Lao Shu (real name Liu Shuyong), who specializes in depicting contemporary life with ink painting.

UNIQLO opened its first store in China in September 2002, and currently the company is operating around 850 retail locations in more than 180 cities throughout the mainland. UNIQLO exhibited at the China International Import Expo for the first time in 2020, where it attracted attention and praise from both media and industry. Exhibiting at the show in 2021 for its second consecutive year, UNIQLO also plans to exhibit at CIIE 2022.

For further information: https://h.uniqlo.cn/home/UQBJ