Umno-PAS: No need to heed negative views on our pact

by Theleaders-Online | September 14, 2019 2:52 am

KUALA LUMPUR: The women’s wing of Umno and PAS will pay no attention to negative and cynical views by certain quarters who want to see the political cooperation among the two parties to fail.

Wanita Umno chief Datuk Noraini Ahmad said the cooperation between her party and PAS would continue as it offered harmony and unity in the country.

“We offer harmony, unity and solidarity, regardless of race, and we celebrate diversity.

“We also want to prove that we are oppositions with calibre, never create problems and promote unity,” she told a press conference at the Himpunan Wanita Penyatuan Ummah (HPU914) programme at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) .

On stage with Noraini, was PAS Dewan Muslimat leader Nuridah Salleh, who said that the cooperation between PAS and Umno was based on principles and in accordance with Islam.

She said there was also nothing strange about the cooperation between the both parties as it had existed a long time ago during the struggle for the country’s Independence.

“PAS and Umno are like brothers and sisters. We fought before and now we are back together. We are of one faith, one race, we share a lot in common, which is normal among siblings,” she added.

Whether PAS has no qualms being betrayed by Umno for the second time, Nuridah said what was important for the moment was the survival of Islam.

“If you surrender to Allah and what PAS is doing now is not against the Islamic teachings, PAS will go all out in with its partner,” she said.

An event for the signing of a charter on the Umno-PAS political cooperation will be held today.


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