TopDev launches AI/Computer Vision technology helping connect businesses with the unemployed due to COVID-19

TopDev launches AI/Computer Vision technology helping connect businesses with the unemployed due to COVID-19

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, May 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — When accessing, companies will approach a list of candidates finding jobs associated with their CVs. And only with a few keystrokes of keywords or filters can output candidates’ results that match their requirements. As a result, candidates and companies can connect with each other securely.

COVID-19 is the main cause of mass layoffs owning to businesses’ downsizing, dissolution, and staff reduction. In the US, just 1 month after the outbreak, more than 400 startups have announced to let go of more than 50,000 jobs. This number is just a tip of the iceberg since it only counts tech startups in Silicon Valley (Source:

In Vietnam, according to a recent survey by TopDev (, up to 34% of businesses are downsizing, costs- and staff-cutting to survive the risk of bankruptcy until the vaccine is invented. There is never been a better time need to have solutions helping the jobless with the most common one is to publicly list the employees who have lost their jobs so that other businesses can recruit. However, this leads to the disclosure of personal information like phone number or email address, and obviously, a bait for cybercriminals. Besides, insufficient information about education, skills, experience and others often shown in candidates CVs, also causes obstacles for businesses to choose the right one.

TopDev expects that this project will help 100,000 people find new jobs
TopDev expects that this project will help 100,000 people find new jobs

With a different approach, using AI to automatically hide the contact information in candidates’ CVs helps ensure personal information privacy while still maintaining the aesthetic features and other candidates’ distinctive details. Also, with an automated connection platform, businesses will be able to evaluate as well as find the right candidates. AI technology which scans and hides personal information in PDF files was developed by CEO Nguyen Huu Binh from a hobby project (project based on personal interest) that he has pursued for 3 years, and the outcome is the exact identification ability whether the CV was created from any tool or service. Mr. Binh said: “We have used the latest advances in recognition technology so this solution can function correctly with myriad CVs designs. Because it is extremely complicated to ensure the original design and to locate the information, using new technology helps them best express what they have while ensuring personal information security in the process of finding new jobs”.

The solution was created with an aim of helping unemployed people find a new job as quickly as possible, while candidates are guaranteed with the standards of content, format, personal information security, opening a new era of finding jobs many times faster than before. Currently, this CV-publicized system is in its most advanced security conditions within the recruiting technology sector in Vietnam and the world. Additionally, employers from organizations/businesses also can benefit as well. When looking for candidates, they want a list arranged in a clear, logical order and easy-to-use format. From TopDev’s solution, it not only helps job seekers reach employers faster, but employers also have a new platform to easily search for professional and potential candidates.

However, this project is considered as a risky move. “Because this solution is completely free, there are potential risks affecting the company’s revenue, however, when facing the fact that 34% of enterprises are cutting costs, downsizing and laying off employees, also with the desire to support the society and the community, I received encouragement from the board of directors as well as from my subordinates to deploy this project devotedly”, Mr. Nguyen Huu Binh said. Besides those worries, even during the peak of covid-19 outbreak this Vietnam-based IT recruiting startup TopDev still got a seven-digit deal investment from Korean recruiting company SaraminHR earlier this February.


TopDev is a recruitment network and ecosystem in Mobile & IT fields. It is top leading recruitment network in Mobile & IT fields, in Vietnam, offering Tech talent solution which meets potential needs. Its networks cover 95% of Tech communities in Vietnam and clients come from both Vietnam and South East Asia. The network TopDev is building consists of all activities and values that any tech manpower may need, work with and entertain with, including tech events, tech communities, tech sites, forums, etc. Based on this network, we reached 95% of the Tech communities in Vietnam.

Online CV creation solution from TopDev team in general and initiatives from Mr. Nguyen Huu Binh, CEO of TopDev and his colleagues in particular, all aim at providing unemployed candidates an opportunity to experience and create their own CV on a technology platform guaranteed with safety and authenticity. TopDev hopes the solution will create a powerful resonance, bringing the most practical value to users.


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