Top Industry Leader, Deservedly Awarded – Benjun Wu, President of Shenzhen Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd.

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SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On January 10, 2023, as a leading figure in the field of assembly engineering in China, Benjun Wu, President of Shenzhen Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd. came out on the top in the selection of the annual entrepreneur award at the just-concluded 12th China-US Business Summit and became one of the six award-winning entrepreneurs from China and the United States, and he was also the only entrepreneur from the field of prefabricated construction to receive this award this year.

The reason that Benjun Wu was able to stand out from hundreds of candidates and win the honor of Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year was due to his innovative ability that others could not match and the resulting brilliant achievements that he showed in leading Shenzhen Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd. in the past ten years.

Benjun Wu, President of Shenzhen Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd.[1]
Benjun Wu, President of Shenzhen Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd.

When Benjun Wu took over Shenzhen Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd in 2016, he had more than 20 years of practical experience in prefabricated construction design. He is an outstanding prefabricated construction expert, who won the highest honor award in China’s architectural decoration industry in 2013 – “National Construction Decoration Award”; From 2013 to 2015, he was awarded “National Excellent Project Manager of Architectural Decoration Industry” for three consecutive years; From 2012 to 2015, he won the title of “Excellent Constructor of Building Decoration Project of Guangdong Province” and other national awards for four consecutive years. Under his leadership, the company’s achievements have also been highly recognized in the industry. The company has successively won “China Construction Engineering Decoration Award”, “Excellent Architectural Decoration Project Award of Guangdong Province” and other major awards in the industry. Under his leadership, the company has continued to carry out scientific and technological innovation, and has obtained 1 patent for invention, 29 patents for utility models and 5 software copyrights. At the same time, the number of patent applications is increasing by 3-5 innovative R&D technologies a year, making Zhongyi Construction become a professional architectural decoration design and construction enterprise integrating building decoration, building curtain wall, building electromechanical, furniture and interior decoration, firefighting facilities, landscaping, etc. and also a top ten enterprise in the field of prefabricated construction in China.

Benjun Wu is also an excellent manager who has led the company to create one feat after another in China’s prefabricated construction design industry. Under his leadership, the company has strong technical equipment strength and economic strength, with more than 100 various professional engineering technology and economic management talents and the business scope all over China, providing cross-field and comprehensive engineering services for transportation institutions, cultural industry, finance, real estate government institutions, high-end star hotel groups and other large customers. Under the leadership of Benjun Wu, the company’s business has made tremendous growth, achieving high growth in output value for six consecutive years, from 3.28 million yuan in 2016 to 336.81 million yuan in 2021. In just a few years, the company’s annual growth rate of output value has reached as high as an astonishing 10168.60%. This growth rate can definitely be called a miracle. Even in 2022, the year that the economy was severely impacted by the epidemic, the company’s completed output value was basically the same as that in 2021. In order to meet the needs of market development and realize the great development of the enterprise, the company continues to promote and implement the “strategy of technological innovation”, taking innovation as the core, developing high-tech services, renovating conventional industries, and striving to enhance the innovation ability of the enterprise. Benjun Wu established the R&D department of the company in 2017. As the main developer of the company’s new technology, new equipment, and new materials, he is responsible for the development of reasonable and advanced prefabricated building design schemes and interior decoration design schemes, putting forward design optimization suggestions based on the principle of economic efficiency in design, to save the project cost to the greatest extent. He is also responsible for the review of architectural design, interior design, decoration design and other secondary in-depth review, and the review of major design changes in the progress of the project from a professional and economic perspective. At the same time, he puts forward the company’s design and R&D project plan, including the establishment of the project, key technologies, innovation points, personnel and funding requirements, etc. according to the needs of the market, technical development status and trend of the industry.

Under the leadership of Benjun Wu, Zhongyi Construction has always adhered to the road of sustainable development of scale and environmental protection for many years, leading the development trend and norms of the industry, and actively becoming one of the top brands of China’s building assembly engineering. He is realistic and innovative, and determined to build Zhongyi Construction into a leading enterprise in the industry to improve the traditional Chinese construction techniques and processes through design and development, application of new materials, industrialized production and prefabricated construction.

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