The first professional cycling pants that can be worn daily

The first professional cycling pants that can be worn daily

It will bring revolutionary changes to the female cycling industry

WILMINGTON, Del., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jelenew creates the first professional cycling pants that can wear daily in the world. The cycling pants subvert the traditional built-in inseam pad structure and use a revolutionary “external structure” 1+1 model: 1 pair of tight-fitting leggings + 1 external detachable riding protection pad. And Jelenew introduces the moulage technique into the design, redefining women’s professional cycling pants. So we realize multi-scene traversal; you don’t need to change clothes after the ride, taking off the riding pad, and you can go for a walk or drink coffee. These innovative external detachable cycling pants will revolutionize the female cycling industry.

Jelenew professional cycling shorts as daily wear
Jelenew professional cycling shorts as daily wear

In people’s impressions, cycling pants are always associated with professional cyclists or experienced cycling enthusiasts. They always seem to be a specific scene: on rugged mountain roads and endless suburban roads. The barriers of over-specialization and professionalization also make this kind of clothing far away from the daily life of the public and difficult to touch. However, the female cycling brand Jelenew has broken this barrier and realized the daily wearing of professional cycling pants, giving female cyclists a better choice.

Historically, the traditional industry of cycling has always been dominated by men. Whether it is the people who participate in cycling or the sports equipment that serves them, they are all from a male perspective and serve male customers, so it is challenging to meet the needs of female cyclists. With the continuous development of society, more and more women have joined cycling, and this problem of cycling equipment has become more and more prominent.

After investigating the mainstream cycling sports brands on the market, we found their cycling pants are almost the same. Similar appearance, pad structure, and even the fabric material are the same. The case for men’s cycling clothing between different brands is alike. What about women’s clothing, which has a smaller market share?

In our investigation, a sports brand from the United States, Jelenew, caught our attention.

We learned that Jelenew had created the first professional cycling pants that could wear daily. We have learned the relevant information through communication with the appropriate persons in charge.

In terms of functionalism, Jelenew has established its exclusive database, and tens of thousands of women-related data allow it to meet the needs of women’s sports when designing more accurately. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that more than 58 percent of female cyclists surveyed experienced issues like genital numbness, hip pain, groin pain, and other physical discomforts while riding due to improper pad construction. Jelenew designers analyzed the 3D structure of the human body and the muscle force data during female riding and developed the external cycling pad on the market for the first time. The original three-stage V-shaped structure can relieve or eliminate this discomfort and bring a better riding experience to female cyclists. The three-segment V-shaped design is thickened at the ischium and pubic position. The V-shaped vertex position is vacated, focusing on protecting stressed women’s buttocks and pubic joints. It provides more precise support than a built-in structural cycling pad, helps maintain average blood circulation, and reduces the risk of numbness in the perineum, crotch, and legs while riding. In addition, Jelenew also uses eco-friendly materials to develop extreme quick-drying fabrics, which provide better breathability, sweat, sun protection´╝î and antibacterial functions, which are beneficial to the skin protection needs of female cycling enthusiasts. 

In terms of fashion, compared with the overly heavy and protruding riding seat pads of traditional cycling pants, Jelenew invented the “detachable outer pad,” which breaks the constraints of the conventional “built-in inseam riding pad” on cycling pants and provides riders with an unprecedented wearing convenience. This cycling pad uses 3D gentle slope and over-design to perfectly cover the buttocks, modify the buttocks, and avoid the “monkey butt” caused by the built-in pad structure. And under the premise of meeting the needs of women’s sports protection, the thickness of the seat cushion is precisely designed. The thickness of the seat pad in the ischial and pubic parts that are stressed during riding is thickened to 1.1cm. At the same time, the surrounding area is designed with a gentle and smooth thickness, making it as light and breathable as possible, taking into account both comfort and functionality. At the same time, the Jelenew pad breaks with the traditional structure, cutting off the length of the front end. Jelenew proves through extensive data and exercise tests that standard cycling pads are made for men, and the long and thick front end is designed to avoid chafing the protruding male genitals. But this design is useless for women. For a man, the built-in pad may be perfect protection´╝î but it could be hurt for women. The pad design without the front bumper is an innovation. It eliminates the problems of hot private parts, embarrassing lines, bulging private parts, camel toe, etc., on traditional cycling clothing, which is convenient for daily wear. In addition, Jelenew also brings in the advanced customization of clothing technology, using the moulage technique and 3D tailoring to make cycling pants, making them more suitable for women’s bodies and more beautiful. And in terms of appearance design, Jelenew chooses a higher saturation color scheme to make the clothing more vivid and lively, adding new fun for female cyclists when riding.

The more revolutionary point is that the pants can wear across scenes. Not only when riding but also in daily life. It has truly eliminated the barriers to wear and made cycling pants into every girl’s wardrobe. 

“I like these pants very much, and I can’t live without them in my wardrobe.” A well-known fashion KOL expressed her love for Jelenew cycling pants saying, ” Maybe I am not a senior cyclist, but the pants look so good, and I’d like to wear them to try out more rides. No one can resist the quest for nice clothes.”

Besides professional fashion, more and more ordinary consumers are enthusiastic about Jelenew cycling pants that they can wear daily. “Even though I’m neither a professional athlete nor a fashionista when I first saw these pants, it was like a voice saying, ‘I have to get them,'” Ms. Iris told us, “I can imagine wearing these pants with my sisters for a weekend ride in the suburbs. It’s so wonderful.”

There is no doubt that Jelenew’s cycling pants are beloved by everyone. We also look forward to seeing more women wearing these cycling pants.


Jelenew is an American avant-garde female cycling brand.It creates the first cycling pants that are truly made for women in the world. It brings the groundbreaking combination of “Haute Couture and Sportswear”, and carefully designs each product with “luxury moulage technique” to provide a more refined sports experience and promote a healthy lifestyle for cyclists to enjoy elegant and stylish suburban cycling.

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