‘Taxes that people want’

‘Taxes that people want’

KUALA LUMPUR: Pekan MP Najib Razak lambasted the introduction of a new set of taxes by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng yesterday. He cynically claimed that the new set of payment is one that the people wanted.

Lim introduced digital tax and departure levy.

“New taxes from the Showmanship Ministry was tabled and passed in its first reading in Dewan Rakyat yesterday,” said the former prime minister via Twitter today.

“1. 6% tax on digital services such as Netflic, Spotify, Steam, software, song, video, email and web or purchasing ads beginning from 1 Jan next year.

“Buy an app from Appstore also, you will quietly be charged six percent.”

“Departure levy of RM 20 on anyone heading to Asean countries and RM40 to other countries effective from 1 June,” he added.

Not all netizens took his criticism kindly.

Andy Isaac who tweets at @93andyisaac posted a picture in which Felda was depicted as a tree. While Tun Razak nurtured it, Najib attempts to use it as a cash cow.

The comic is in reaction to police reports filed by Felda against Najib for allegedly transferring funds to a plantation in Indonedia owned by the former premier’s friend, Peter Sondakh who owns Rajawali Group

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