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Consensual sex between adults who don’t marry is rape

Chattisgarh: The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that consensual sex between adults, with mere promises of tying the marital knot but not doing so, as rape. In a significant verdict, the court upheld a trial court order convicting a doctor

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17-year-old teenager raped, sodomised by brother for two years

TAPAH: For two years, a 17-year-old teenage girl was raped and sodomised by her 26-year-old brother for the past two years at their rented home in Kampung Rahmat here.  The suspect also has been molesting the victim for the past

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India rape victim kills attacker

KOLKOTA, India: An Indian woman who was raped and set on fire killed her attacker by dragging him into the flames, police said Wednesday. The woman survived with burns to her face and hands while the man died in hospital

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