Strategic Partnership between NDC and Renowned Jewelry Brands to Advocate the “Natural Diamond Dream”

Strategic Partnership between NDC and Renowned Jewelry Brands to Advocate the “Natural Diamond Dream”

HONG KONG, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) today announced a strategic partnership with two prominent leaders in the industry: DR Diamond Ring (Darry Ring), the world’s leading engagement ring brand(*), and LIU GUI FU JEWELRY, a renowned Chinese jewelry brand. Together, they will produce a range of digital content, online and offline communication projects. In addition, they will also leverage their educational capability to empower the industry, while showcasing the intrinsic values of natural diamonds to a global audience. Through these collaborations, the NDC, Darry Ring and LIU GUI FU JEWELRY aim to amplify the core message of the sustainable growth of the industry and advocate the “Natural Diamond Dream.”

Natural rough diamonds
Natural rough diamonds

As a world-leading international industry association, the NDC has consistently upheld its mission of “advancing the integrity of the modern natural diamond industry, and inspiring, educating and protecting the consumer.” Its primary focus revolves around empowering various industry partners for robust growth, showcasing the irresistible values of natural diamonds to global consumers and encouraging individuals to pursue an enhanced quality of life. Since adopting its official name change in 2020, the NDC has created diverse digital contents about natural diamond, which have garnered over five million consumer views and attracted sustained engagements across various platforms every month. In 2021, NDC established an exclusive strategic partnership with Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group for the first time, and in 2022, it engaged a strategic partnership with Zbird. These collaborations were successfully widened the communications and coverage of promoting natural diamonds intrinsic values. The cooperative efforts between NDC and all of its official strategic partners are geared towards bolstering market confidence and desire for natural diamonds, while also propelling industry development and guiding more consumers towards appreciating and investing in natural diamonds.

The world’s leading engagement ring brand Darry Ring(*), steadfastly adheres to its brand ethos of “loving one person for a lifetime.” Teaming up with internationally acclaimed jewelry designers, they design and craft exquisite, rare natural diamond jewelry pieces with a global perspective. They inspire individuals to courageously pursue true love and romantically portray the precious value and dazzling brilliance of natural diamonds.

Natural Diamond Council and Darry Ring, the world’s leading engagement ring, enter into a strategic partnership, advocate the "Natural Diamond Dream."
Natural Diamond Council and Darry Ring, the world’s leading engagement ring, enter into a strategic partnership, advocate the “Natural Diamond Dream.”

Founded in 2006, LIU GUI FU JEWELRY is committed to the brand mission of “inheriting the millennia-old Liugui spirit and creating Eastern jewelry,” aiming to convey the power of Eastern aesthetics through its jewelry. The brand introduced the innovative “Dan Gui Guo Se” model, blending modern jewelry design with the essence of century-old royal craftsmanship. This fusion results in a range of national-treasured jewelry pieces that embody the spirit of the Chinese Osmanthus culture. Employing innovative jewelry designs that are both rich in classical elegance and aligned with contemporary tastes, the brand captures the luxurious and elegant charm of natural diamonds. With a heart set on preserving artistic craftsmanship, LIU GUI FU JEWELRY delivers blessings to people who wear its jewelry.

Natural Diamond Council and LIU GUI FU JEWELRY, enter into a strategic partnership, advocate the "Natural Diamond Dream."
Natural Diamond Council and LIU GUI FU JEWELRY, enter into a strategic partnership, advocate the “Natural Diamond Dream.”

As retail strategic partners of the NDC, both Darry Ring and LIU GUI FU JEWELRY will fully support promotion and education campaigns around natural diamonds launched by the NDC in China. Their collaborative efforts include the development and promotion of advertising assets, social media content and search engine marketing to reveal the core values and emotional significance of natural diamonds underlined by their preciousness, rarity and uniqueness. In this way, consumers are invited into the spectacular world of natural diamonds. Meanwhile, they are working in tandem to form valuable new resources collating professional knowledge around natural diamonds to create new industry narratives and educational materials. This joint endeavor is aimed at elevating the sales conversion rate of natural diamonds, fostering greater transparency and promoting sustainable development. Together they aspire to bring a profound and positive impact to the natural diamond jewelry industry.

“Since its inception, the NDC has maintained close collaborations with retail jewelry brand partners to promote the intrinsic values of natural diamonds. We firmly believe that by joining forces with outstanding partners like Darry Ring and LIU GUI FU JEWELRY, we can enhance consumer understanding and emotional connection with natural diamonds. This not only ignites more consumers’ desire for natural diamonds, but also makes significant contributions to the overall development of the natural diamond jewelry industry. Furthermore, it serves to amplify the global prominence of natural diamonds,” noted Mabel Wong McCormick, Managing Director of the Natural Diamond Council for Greater China.

Darry Ring’s CEO, Wendy, said: “Darry Ring is deeply honored to partner with the NDC and participate in the ‘Thank You, By The Way’ industry campaign. Darry Ring not only holds the position of the world’s leading engagement ring brand but also remains dedicated to reserving customers with a lifelong commitment to true love. We advocate the core values of ‘loving one person for a lifetime’ and strive to create enduring symbols of love and offer romantic services to our customers. Consequently, only exceptionally rare natural diamonds formed over millions or even billions of years, are worthy of carrying such a precious commitment. Through our alliance with the NDC, Darry Ring aims to use this partnership with the Natural Diamond Council as a means to convey the values of sustainable development for natural diamonds and the belief in true love to a broader audience. We aspire to make the world of love even more beautiful and contribute to the enhancement of the environment upon which our existence depends.”

Ms. Wang Ling, President of Liu Gui Fu Group, said: “Dedicated to creating Eastern jewelry with the millennia-old Liugui spirit and a century of royal craftsmanship, Liu Gui Fu Jewelry has been forging its development for over decades and has now become a frontrunner in the industry. We are committed to tracing the roots of national-treasured jewelry designs and representing Eastern culture. Our brand has always positioned itself as ‘Eastern cultural jewelry’, crafting national-treasured designs with natural diamonds and setting a paradigm for brands through the ‘Liugui elegance.’ We look forward to collaborating with the NDC to jointly promote natural diamonds and the Eastern culture. By blending the rare and ever precious quality of natural diamonds with countless enduring pieces of Chinese jewelry, we aim to convey the infinite charm of Eastern culture to the world and bring prosperity to China’s jewelry industry.”

As living standards and consumers’ purchasing power continue to rise, the enduring and radiant allure of natural diamonds has gained increasing favor among consumers. Through partnerships with multiple jewelry retail brands, the NDC is showcasing the mesmerizing qualities of natural diamonds to a wide spectrum of consumers. This collaborative endeavor not only fosters a deep appreciation for the oldest treasures of Mother Nature, but also encourages individuals to cherish the symbolism of eternity and beauty that these diamonds represent.

In the coming years, the NDC looks forward to further strengthening and expanding its collaborative efforts with industry partners. With a commitment to positively empowering and rigorously protecting the industry, the NDC joins forces with its partners to advance transparency and foster sustainable development. Alongside its domestic retail partners, the NDC plans to elevate the promotional and educational campaigns centered around natural diamonds. Additionally, the NDC will expand its support across further areas, including advertising assets, social media contents and search engine marketing. Through these efforts, the NDC aims to enhance the communications between consumers and jewelry retail brands, presenting the brilliant world of the “Natural Diamond Dream.”

About The Natural Diamond Council:

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) inspires and informs consumers about the incredible world of natural diamonds through its Only Natural Diamonds platform. The platform is the authoritative publisher on all things natural diamonds including celebrities and pop culture, epic diamonds and jewelry trends, engagements and weddings, and diamond buying guides.

The NDC supports the integrity of the natural diamond industry by providing transparency and insight on the progress of this sector and its commitments to further betterment. NDC is a global organization whose members’ operations span four continents and ten countries including Canada, South Africa, and Botswana. Their operations support the livelihood of 10 million industry employees and their families around the world.

The NDC operates in the US, China, India, UAE, and Europe.

About Darry Ring

According to global market research firm Frost & Sullivan’s global data analysis, Darry Ring is recognized as the world’s foremost engagement ring brand(*). Carrying the brand mission of “making love even more beautiful,” Darry Ring established a global romantic tradition at its inception: men are allowed to customize only one ring in their lifetime, symbolizing “A Lifetime, A Sole and True Love.” Darry Ring engagement rings encourage everyone to bravely pursue true love and advocate the belief in ‘loving one person for a lifetime.’ Collaborating with internationally renowned jewelry designers at the Darry Ring Paris Design Center, we design jewelry pieces from a global perspective that are capable of expressing true love. Currently, Darry Ring engagement ring boutiques, exceeding 600 globally, span across more than 200 cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Paris, France.


Founded in 2006 by Mr. Weng Guoqiang, a descendant of the Liugui family, LIU GUI FU JEWELRY is deeply rooted in the millennia-old Liugui culture, while inheriting the essence of century-old royal craftsmanship. Committed to marrying Eastern culture and aesthetics into jewelry designs, LIU GUI FU JEWELRY pioneers new paths in the jewelry industry under the banner of “nation-treasured designs”. With its own unique “Liugui elegance”, it sets the standard for Chinese counterparts. By integrating traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, the brand creates nation-treasured jewelry that meets contemporary aesthetic standards, delivering blessings and goodwill. Now, LIU GUI FU JEWELRY boasts nearly a thousand stores, spanning more than 300 large and medium-sized cities across China. It has evolved into a large-scale jewelry conglomerate engaged in diverse activities such as jewelry research and development, design, customization, wholesale, retail and franchising.

*: Data source: Global renowned market research firm Frost & Sullivan. According to research data conducted between 2020 and 2022, focusing on global engagement ring sales volume, and completed in July 2023, professional engagement ring brands are defined as those whose primary revenue source is not the sale of precious metals but specialized diamond jewelry brands.