Stop panic buying as it is not needed for now

Stop panic buying as it is not needed for now

PUCHONG: The public are panic buying groceries, emptying shelves and complaints of inconsiderate stockpiling abound as people across the world prepare for self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Canned goods, hand sanitisers, toilet paper and water are among the many items quickly selling out. 

People are panic buying as fears over the global coronavirus pandemic are rising. Many supermarkets have begun rationing items.

The Leaders Online team investigation revealed public are panic buying in most of the malls. People wants to stock foods and needed materials as if there will be a complete lock-down.  

While sales of hand soaps and sanitizers have soared in markets around the world since the outbreak began, consumers have also been stocking up on a somewhat surprising item – toilet paper.

However, public should remember that so far there is only nationwide controlled movement order activated.

One of the cashier at Taman Melawati Giant, Shanti said “The public are panic buying since 9am today”.

We make fun of Singaporeans, Australians and Hong Kong people when they rush to stock toilet papers and also groceries but now Malaysians too seems to follow suite.

Rumours about lockdown have created panic buying situation. Public are reminded that food stocking is not necessary for now. The government will officially announce if there is a need for it.  

By S Jeevita