Stoke Voltaics Launches E-Kite with SmartCharge(TM) Technology: The Game-Changing EV Charger

by Theleaders-Online | December 19, 2022 2:00 pm

NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The electronic vehicle (EV) market is constantly expanding, with vehicles getting bigger, better, and more powerful. But this means EV chargers and accessories must evolve to support this development, ensuring optimal charge is achieved every time. For Tesla and other EV home charger users questioning the intelligence of their current tech, upgrading their charger to a smart charger would be wise to keep up with the changing market.

E-KITE EV Charging Station and Adapters[1]
E-KITE EV Charging Station and Adapters

However, choosing the right EV home charger is crucial. E-Kite[2] was launched by Stoke Voltaics[3] to help EV owners keep up with the changing times with its damage-free solutions, putting optimal protection at the forefront. This ensures the EV battery, EV charger, homes, and users are safe in the company of their products.

This is possible alongside the E-Kite[2]‘s SmartCharge™[4] technology. Using AI and high power processors, the future-forward tech stabilizes currents and protects against disturbances caused by electrical and environmental factors. In doing so, it delivers maximum charging power safely and efficiently. Users can expect automated functions, such as instant disconnection to prevent electrical damage from short circuits, undervoltages, and overcurrents. E-Kite[2] also brings CoverMax™[5] to withstand and surpass the most extreme conditions, ensuring safety and reliability every day.

Recent years have seen growing issues with the security of EV home chargers. Thanks to the universal compatibility of connector points, anyone with an electric vehicle can top up their power from other homeowner’s EV chargers. E-Kite[2]‘s Powercard™[6]  promises “No Card No Access” for improved security. This innovative solution reduces unauthorized usage and high-voltage damage caused by hot-swapping.

Stoke Voltaics[3] has also launched multiple adapters[7] sold separately with the E-Kite, including two to suit Tesla models. This solution simplifies charging, ensuring compatibility with an impressive range of charging stations.

Though especially for those with chargers installed outdoors, durability is a crucial requirement. Motivated by quality, the Stoke Voltaics[3] team chose high-quality, military and aviation grade materials known to provide optimal function. Even if hit by lightning in stormy weather, the E-Kite uses Voltage Dependent Resistors to stay robust.

Stoke Voltaics[3] was founded by adventurers, for adventurers, with the aim of empowering everyone to discover more of the world through their equipment. Comprising outdoor hardware designers and developers, they’re the masterminds behind the E-Kite[2] EV charger.

The E-Kite[2] EV charger is a reflection of their determination to go the extra mile and “open a new outdoor chapter” for everyone. And one which will certainly impact the future of EV technology.

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