SK-II Releases “I am Chloe Moretz. This is My PITERA Story”

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SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following an iconic remake, global prestige skincare brand SK-II releases “I am Chloe Moretz. This is My PITERA™ Story”, a docu-film that walks down memory lane with award-winning actress Chloe Moretz as she shares how her skin and life have changed since her first bottle of PITERA™ Essence.

Chloe Moretz for My PITERA™ Story[1]
Chloe Moretz for My PITERA™ Story

This is part oMy PITERA™ Story”, the brand’s first docu-series featuring intimate conversations with its four global celebrity brand ambassadors – Tangwei, Nini, Haruka Ayase and Chloe Grace Moretz as they take on a bold new challenge – a remake of their most iconic skincare campaigns.

Watch Chloe Moretz’s My PITERA™ Story video here

In an exclusive interview for this docu-film, Chloe opens up about her unique journey with SK-II and PITERA™ Essence:

Behind-the-scenes of Chloe’s My PITERA™ Story[2]
Behind-the-scenes of Chloe’s My PITERA™ Story

“And here I am. Another SK-II Shoot – almost 4 years after the first ad. In these 4 years, I’ve grown so much. I’ve found authenticity in my own life. And I think I’ve really broken through myself of not being afraid of the repercussions of my authenticity, of my voice. I definitely feel like I have my feet on the ground, I know which direction I wanna go in and I’m not afraid of the obstacles that come up in life anymore.”

Chloe’s My PITERA™ Story in the making[3]
Chloe’s My PITERA™ Story in the making

“Growing up, I used to have people in hair and make-up look at me and go, “I don’t really know what to do with this. That was something that really broke my courage about myself and my confidence. So, I’m always incredibly skeptic of what I’m going to put on my face. But after being with PITERA™ for almost 3 years now, I felt that it really helped my skin in so many ways.”

The texture of my skin is the one thing I saw that really changed. My pores look like it closed a lot, I thought that was interesting. My fine lines also appear less visible. I feel like PITERA™ really allowed me to lock in moisture. I could really feel a vibrant glow. I’m starting to understand why they call this Crystal Clear Skin.”

Chloe for My PITERA™ Story[4]
Chloe for My PITERA™ Story

“When I opened my first bottle of PITERA™ Essence, I was intrigued. You know they call this Miracle Water. Can it really be Miracle Water? My first PITERA™ Essence bottle led me to that bare skin photo with SK-II. It took a lot of courage to go bare skin in such a public way. Since then, it’s one of my favorite pictures of all time. It’s actually one of my most liked photos on my Instagram!

Bare Skin Chat then was the moment I became a PITERA™ expert. I had so much fun with James, showing him how to use PITERA™ ESSENCE, explaining the million miracles to someone who’s never heard of it. It seems all fun & play but all along I was also witnessing my skin improving through time.”

Chloe and PITERA™ Essence for My PITERA™ Story[5]
Chloe and PITERA™ Essence for My PITERA™ Story

“My life has gotten really busy lately. And that busy-ness… hasn’t exactly been kind to my skin. But, when SK-II reached out to me for this iconic remake, where they wanted to get really up close and just show my skin – it felt like another big challenge! But after a couple of years with PITERA™- I was pretty sure I could stand up to the scrutiny! Yes, I haven’t exactly been kind to my skin, but I felt that PITERA™ really helped my skin in a lot of ways.”

“My PITERA™ Story” docu-series is SK-II’s latest collection of stories about its iconic PITERA™ Essence. Through the years, SK-II has been on a journey to decode pop culture – entertainment, music and art – to bring to life its stories of PITERA™ and transformation to Crystal Clear Skin in new and meaningful ways for its consumers over generations. This started from authentic celebrity testimonials in its early days to bold challenges with 2017’s “Face The Wild Face the Camera” with National Geographic and 2018’s “Bare Skin Project” with Magnum Photos and even an industry-first beauty entertainment web-series with 2019’s “Bare Skin Chat” and “PITERA Masterclass” featuring comedians James Corden, Naomi Watanabe and singer-song writer John Legend.

PITERA™ Essence is SK-II’s signature and most awarded bestseller. With its unchanged formula, PITERA™ Essence contains over 90% PITERA™ – SK-II’s exclusive and naturally derived ingredient crafted from a proprietary fermentation process of a unique yeast strain. Dubbed as “Miracle Water” in Asia, Facial Treatment Essence is loved by millions of women around the world for its transformative power to Crystal Clear Skin[1].

“Chloe has been a close friend and partner of SK-II as our brand ambassador for 3 years. Her love for PITERA™ Essence and her personal story of her skin transformation to Crystal Clear Skin has inspired so many women around the world, starting with our first campaign together, the Bare Skin Project, shared GaYoon Jung, Senior Brand Director, Global SK-II. “We have a special relationship with all our brand ambassadors. They are more than just the face of our campaigns or ads. They are family to us and are part of our brand legacy as true lovers and advocates of PITERA™ who share our brand purpose of #CHANGEDESTINY and core value of authenticity. Chloe has always worked closely with us to shape the narrative of our campaigns with her personal experiences, and we are thrilled to be partnering with her once again to launch this iconic remake and our first docu-series,My PITERA™ Story“.

[1] With regular use

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For more than 40 years, SK-II has touched the lives of millions of women around the world through skin and life transformation. The fascinating story behind SK-II began with a quest to understand why elderly sake brewers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. These hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. It took years of research for scientists to isolate the miracle ingredient PITERA™, a naturally-derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. Since then, SK-II with PITERA™ has become a special secret shared by celebrities all over the world such as Chloe Grace Moretz, Simone Biles, Tangwei, Ni Ni, Chun Xia, Haruka Ayase and Kasumi Arimura and Naomi Watanabe. For the latest news and in-depth information, please visit . 

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