Sinoexpo Empowers Yangjiang Knives and Scissors on the Cloud, Connecting Global Trade

Sinoexpo Empowers Yangjiang Knives and Scissors on the Cloud, Connecting Global Trade

SHANGHAI, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — What business opportunities and possibilities will arise when the field of hotel kitchen appliances is moved onto the cloud? The situation at the moment looks very promising. Located on the coast of the South China Sea in Guangdong Province, Yangjiang, as the first city westward from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is now uniting resources from various parties to push this vision into reality. On July 13, 2020, Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the Yangjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce in Guangdong Province signed a cooperation agreement. The two parties will work together closely on the 2021 Hotelex Shanghai International Hotel and Catering Industry Expo and the 19th China (Yangjiang) International Hardware Knives and Scissors Fair (hereinafter referred to as: The Yangjiang Knives Fair).

Signing Ceremony Cooperation Sinoexpo Yangjiang Knives Fair
Signing Ceremony Cooperation Sinoexpo Yangjiang Knives Fair

I. Carefully Prepare and Go Against the Trends

The Covid-19 epidemic has brought challenges to carrying out preparations for the 19th Knives Fair. Focusing on the general requirement of “the more you do the better it becomes”, Sinoexpo, as an international professional exhibition company, is working closely with the Yangjiang Knives Fair. Sinoexpo belongs to the joint venture Informa Group, a world-leading B2B information service group and a world-renowned exhibition organizer. It has nine B2B platform websites and a network of merchants and agencies from all over the world related to the industries of food, hotel supplies, kitchenware and household products and nearly 10,000 attending exhibitors.

This time, Sinoexpo has established an online knives fair platform, formulated a response plan with the organizing committee, improved special work plans, coordinated and promoted various preparatory tasks in the normalized epidemic prevention and control situation, and taken advantage of its overall superior resources to put all of its energy into this knives fair, striving to hold a high-level and high-quality hardware knives and scissors fair.

Due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, and making full use of internet platform resources to maximize the benefits of holding the fair, the 19th China (Yangjiang) International Hardware Knives and Scissors Online Fair (“The online Yangjiang Knives Fair”) will be held online from October 19, 2020 to March 31, 2021 in three phases. In addition, the offline exhibition will be held from April 19 to 22, 2021.

The opening ceremony
The opening ceremony

The first phase will be held from October 19 to 22, for launch, promotion and exchanges. The second phase will be from October 23 to December 31. In order to expand the trading period, more companies will launch further online transactions and promotions. The third phase will be held from January 1, 2021 to March 31, and will be the online promotion and trading period.

II. Sinoexpo Empowers Yangjiang Knives and Scissors to Connect with Global Trade on the Cloud

Adhering to the theme of “Yangjiang Knives and Scissors on the Cloud, Connecting Global Trade”, this online knives fair aims at the new normal situation of the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and accelerates the formation of new development opportunity modes with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international circulation. It uses the internet and information technology, relying especially on the official website of the HOTELEX Shanghai (HOTELEX), a subsidiary of Sinoexpo, to build the three major platforms of the Yangjiang Offline Knives Fair website, the online knives fair area of Sinoexpo Hotel and Catering Online (, and online food and beverage purchase for mini programs. Exhibits cover the five major areas of hardware knives and scissors, food and kitchen supplies, machinery exhibition, raw and auxiliary materials and supporting packaging materials and the 15 detailed categories of knives, scissors, household goods, food and kitchen supplies, gifts, stainless steel products, daily hardware, tools, construction hardware, iron products, gardening equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging and decoration, and hardware machinery with more than 120 exhibitors in the first phase.

Exhibitors can upload their product pictures, videos, 3D and VR to the platform to realize multi-form and multi-dimensional online exhibitions. The platform will present a wonderful online exhibition experience for exhibitors, purchasers and audiences through the use of internet technology and other technological means, through all-weather online promotion, procurement through live broadcast, targeted professional searches, online matching, and online private conference halls.

Specifically, the corporate VR display is an effective supplement to traditional online product information releases. A professional VR video shooting company will travel to Yangjiang to use professional VR equipment to film the factory environment, production workshops, display rooms, storage spaces, and R&D sections (except those that are confidential) of 10 representative local knife and scissor companies, and edit and produce a 360-degree panoramic view video. Buyers can visit the video link through the company’s shop in the online knife fair area of Sinoexpo Hotel and Catering Online to get an audio-visual understanding of the company’s scale, technology level and operating strength, achieving an “immersive personal experience” for in-depth investigations of the enterprises.

III. Yangjiang Cuisine Vividly Portrayed on Screen

Sinoexpo will also carry out targeted thematic live broadcasts of the products of five optimized enterprises through its online food and beverage online procurement mini program, and organically integrate Yangjiang kitchen utensils, knives and supplies with the city’s unique local seafood, aquatic products, condiments and other food resources to create a “Seafood Feast of the Oriental Hawaii”. Special guest Li Yongzhou will present the wonderful feast to audiences from the live broadcast room.

IV. Online Business Matching, Accurately Linking Supply and Demand

The “Online Business Matching System” plan of the Online Knives Expo website covers 200+ upstream knife and scissor enterprises in Yangjiang, as well as the buyers of Yangjiang and Sinoexpo professional exhibitions and active users of “Hotel and Catering Online”, covering the entire catering industry chain for precise online business matching. Multiple searches + subdivision keywords help Yangjiang knife and scissor companies to quickly locate target customers and initiate invitations, saving time and costs. The status of customer invitations can be checked at any time, interested customers are bookmarked, and potential business opportunities are efficiently managed.

The system also has an online private conference hall. Sellers or buyers initiate a “video negotiation” with the target audience, select the corresponding date and time period to make an appointment, and wait for the other party to approve it. They can then click the link to log in to the private conference hall for one-to-one private online video negotiation at the appointed time.

At the same time, Sinoexpo will also use the 500,000 hotel and catering industry buyer database to match buyers who are suitable for the knife fair category, and collect buyers’ purchasing needs through a combination of email, WeChat, and phone calls. Exclusive customer services will be used to conduct in-depth docking of purchase intentions between the supply and demand parties, the most powerful buyers with the strongest intention to buy will be screened and recommended to the exhibitors of the knife fair, buyers and sellers will be guided to lock in purchasing intentions, and finally, the purchase behavior of the buyers will be determined, an online signing ceremony will be held and broadcast live online through the Yangjiang Knives Fair Organizing Committee and the Sinoexpo Live Broadcasting Platform. As of now, many business matched procurement contracts have been promoted one after another.

V. Innovation and Development: Yangjiang Hardware Knives and Scissors International Summit Forum

This online knife fair actively participates in the construction of a new development mode with domestic and international double circulation as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international double circulation, and enhances the competitiveness of hardware knives and scissors in both domestic and international markets. The Yangjiang Hardware Knives and Scissors International Summit Forum is to be held on October 20, 2020. Through cooperation with well-known institutions, the Knives Expo will be given new capabilities. The forum will take the form of an online video conference & offline conference, inviting executives from department store retail, e-commerce, and kitchen application companies related to the hardware, knife and scissors industries to guide knife and scissors companies from the perspective of channel countermeasures and application requirements, expand production and operation ideas, discuss how to use the internet and information technology to seize the opportunity of new retail reform, and revitalize the industry.

VI. Joining Forces to Create a New Chapter

In this cooperation with Yangjiang Knife Fair, in the spirit of openness, cooperation and win-win, Sinoexpo will give full play to its advantages in the integration of online and offline dual-platform exhibition networks, and use its HOTELEX – Hotel and Catering series exhibitions, FHC – Shanghai Global Food Fair and other related exhibition resources to fully help the Knife Fair to promote interaction between buyers and suppliers, accurately match supply and demand, help companies explore foreign markets, realize the dual cycle of domestic and foreign markets, and create unlimited business opportunities for both parties.

At the same time, it will also give more customers the opportunity to learn more about and use Yangjiang knives in related fields such as kitchenware, knives, tableware, etc., and feel the accumulations of historical culture in Yangjiang knives, the refinement of craftsmanship in Yangjiang kitchen utensils and the achievements it has made in the hotel, catering and cooking industries. Related exhibitions such as HOTELEX, FHC, etc. under the umbrella of Sinoexpo will continue to serve the majority of hotel catering terminal customers, and continue to bring new possibilities for high-efficiency and high-quality kitchen solutions!

From 10:30 on October 19, 2020, the online exhibition of the Yangjiang Knife Fair will be ready and waiting for your visit!

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