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Shamsul: Ministry to decide on Haziq's fate soon

Shamsul: Ministry to decide on Haziq’s fate soon

Shamsul: Ministry to decide on Haziq’s fate soon

PUCHONG: We will decide on Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz’s fate at the ministry within a day or two, said Deputy Primary Industries Minister Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin.

For now, Shamsul said his ministry is still in the midst of assessing Haziq’s response to a show-cause letter issued to the latter on June 12.

“We received (Haziq’s) letter last Friday and today is just Monday. The ministry’s human resources division is examining it,” he told media when met in Kuala Lumpur last night.

In the response letter, Haziq had explained that he was depressed after the sex video went viral and needed more time before contacting the ministry, according to Shamsul.

On June 12, Haziq claimed that he and Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali were the individuals shown in a series of sex videos which was distributed to the media and PKR members through Whatsapp. 

Azmin had denied the allegations and had lodged police report on the matter. 

Haziq, who serves as a principal private secretary to Shamsul was suspended from his job and was given three days to respond to a show cause letter.

Shamsul said Haziq was suspended as the latter had tarnished the ministry’s image. 

On whether the ministry would sack Haziq, Shamsul said the ministry has not ruled out the possibility.

“The administration is assessing the matter and we will make an announcement later,” he said.