Sex video: Ummi Hafilda thrashes brother for being immoral, corrupt

Sex video: Ummi Hafilda thrashes brother for being immoral, corrupt

PUCHONG: The sister of the alleged minister caught on tape having homosexual intercourse with another man criticised her own brother for being corrupt and morally perverse.

Ummi Hafilda Ali made her feelings clear via Facebook, telling netizens that now people can see the minister for who he really is and her prayers have finally been answered.

“All this while I have been quiet as you are my brother but never again. You have disgraced the family’s name to kingdom come.

“Father was an ustaz. You are already 55 and should look into preparing yourself to meet our Maker. Instead you continue to indulge in immoral activities despite promising our dead mother that you have repented in Mecca.

“Disgusting. Now, the whole world knows who you are,” she said.

Yesterday, several media personnel were added into two Whatsapp groups with the title ‘Jemputan Hari Raya’.

The video clip in Whatsapp depicts two naked man having sexual intercourse, with one individual resembling a Cabinet minister.

This morning, Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz announced via Facebook that he was the man caught on film with the minister.

He also urged the MACC to investigate the minister for corruption and added that the latter was morally unfit to be a leader.

Haziq is a private secretary to Primary Industries deputy minister Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.

On the corruption allegation, Ummi Hafilda urged the newly minted MACC chief Latheefa Koya to investigate the minister immediately, saying she will also cooperate in the probe.

“Latheefa Koya, if you are truly a woman of integrity, then probe the minister, his wife and PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for siphoning hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money.

“I will cooperate with you. I still have a lot of evidence against the minister. All this while I have protected you because you are my brother but no more. You have desecrated our family’s honour,” she said.

Ummi Hafilda also urged Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to take stern action against the alleged minister for being immoral.

“I hope Tun is strict on matters of corruption and immorality. Even Prophet Noah let his son drown in front of his very eyes for being wayward.

“Please keep you promise that Pakatan Harapan will not compromise on matters pertaining to corruption and immorality. I’m waiting for your swift response for the sake of religion, race and nation,” she said.

By G Vinod

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