Rising dengue cases

Rising dengue cases

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians are having to battle dengue cases on the rise even as they face drying taps from the current heatwave.

Dengue cases have shown a dramatic spike this year – up by about 150% from last year – and besides a change in the virus serotypes that are fuelling the increase, the weather pattern is of no help either.

In a posting, The Health Ministry tweeted of the serious increase in Dengue cases in our country and urged to take precaution.

According to the post within 4 months, 63 death recorded due to dengue.

During a prolonged dry spell lasting about three months, for example, there would not be many places with stagnant water for the mosquitoes to breed and the larvae to hatch.

According to the government’s i-dengue website, there were 34,222 dengue cases between Dec 30 and March 23.

In comparison, only 13,658 cases were recorded between Jan 1 and March 23, 2018.

Meanwhile World Health Organisation is also educating people to take precaution from Dengue.

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