Revelation Mobile Closed Beta confirmed for Southeast Asia region

by Theleaders-Online | December 14, 2022 9:34 am

From Dec 9th – Dec 20nd, gamers from 6 countries across Southeast Asia can pre-register for the CBT of Revelation Mobile – the new blockbuster of the gaming market.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Previously, VNG Games officially announced the publishing of Revelation Mobile in 6 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. The Closed Beta Test of this game will start on Dec 22th. Currently, players from 6 countries can pre-register for the CBT here:[1].

Revelation Mobile Closed Beta Test starts on Dec 22nd in 6 Southeast Asian countries.[2]
Revelation Mobile Closed Beta Test starts on Dec 22nd in 6 Southeast Asian countries.

From Dec 22-29, player can join many Event Series for new Server to get tons of valuable rewards, such as Locked Gems, Black Tortoise, Rhino Horn, Outfit – Black Feathers, and Wings of Night. Furthermore, joining the CBT can bring you even more rewards when Revelation Mobile officially launches.

Developed by NetEase with nearly $70 million in investment, Revelation Mobile confirmed its quality when successfully released in major markets such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and recently Korea. To amplify its success, Revelation Mobile has decided to open the first Closed Beta Test in Southeast Asia.

With many attractive and exciting features, Revelation Mobile is expected to be the new wind for the MMORPG gaming community. This blockbuster present a world full of freedom and impressive quality in every in-game graphic from immense seascapes to vivid landscapes. Players also can create their own character based on a real-life model or the player himself with the appearance customization and face adjustment feature from Revelation Mobile. This feature is exclusively prepared for the modern gamers generation, helping them to freely express their personalities – a characteristic personality trait of the new generation. Thanks to that, the message of Revelation Mobile – “It’s your world – Live it your way” – is powerfully demonstrated through the constant creativity of players from 6 Southeast Asia countries.

Additionally, Revelation Mobile will enable a global PVP system to build up the connection within community. It allows gamers from 6 Southeast Asia countries to have the opportunity to enhance their Revelation Mobile experience and create a good ecosystem. Players will have many opportunities to represent their nations and compete with other regional players to conquer the glory awaiting.

The Closed Beta test starts from 10 A.M Dec 22nd to midnight Dec 29th on iOS / Android / PC platforms. Pre-register Closed Beta Test of Revelation Mobile at:[1]

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