Malarvizhi: Seremban IPD hands in glove with Pakatan to sabotage me

Malarvizhi: Seremban IPD hands in glove with Pakatan to sabotage me

By: K Pragalath

RANTAU: Rantau’s independent candidate R Malarvizhi has accused the Seremban district police headquarters (IPD Seremban) of being in cahoots with Pakatan Harapan in terms of permits for public ceramah.

“The IPD Seremban are sabotaging my ceramah. At 10am on Wednesday I received a call from IPD Seremban during which time the police told me that my permit for ceramah at Dataran Rantau was approved.”

“Yesterday at 2pm they rejected my permit. PKR had erected their tent at the spot where I was supposed to deliver my ceramah,” said Malarvizhi, better known as Malar, in a phone interview with The Leaders Online.

She added that she had no problems getting permits from the police twice previously.

The spot that Malar is referring to is Dataran Rantau – the venue where PKR celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday.

Following that, Malar attempted to hand over her manifesto to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim last night. She was however denied access to Anwar who is also Port Dickson MP by the police and party members.

She also justified her action at the PKR celebrations.

“I wanted him to see my ideas for Rantau. He should have seen it to show that he is a good leader. He is a future leader for all Malaysians,” she said in reference to Anwar’s plans to take over prime ministership from current premier, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Campaign strategy

She also said that her appearance at the PKR event was part of her strategy, similar to the silent protest that she did on the first two days of campaigning.

“It is my strategy. I am a new candidate,” she said as she is only known well at the market that she frequented in Rantau.

She also claimed that her strategy worked.

“My friends told me that I did an Italian Job,” in reference to the 2003 American action movie where the protagonists pulled a successful heist on gold that was transported by cars.

She first pulled a stunt on the first two days of campaigning by appearing in the public with her mouth clipped to protest the fact that candidates in the Semenyih and Cameron Highlands by – elections were denied the right to speak.

She also said that her campaign team is made up of four to eight people only without any polling and counting agents (PACA).

“There are people keen to be PACA for me and I have noted down their names,” she said.

Independent only

Meanwhile in responding to another question she pledged to remain an independent even if she won the by-election scheduled to be held on Apr 13.

“Both the coalition parties are corrupted in my eyes. They would not work for my vote,” she said in reference to BN and PH.

She also said that she would not attempt a political comeback in the 15th general election if she fails to win the seat in the Rantau by-election.

“This is the only time for me. I will not return in GE15,” said the 51 year old.

Malarvizhi is in four way tussle for the Rantau state seat in the by-election that would be held on April 13.

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