Quark Expeditions’ Black Friday Sale Features Time-Limited 2-4-1 Deal

by Theleaders-Online | November 21, 2022 10:44 pm

SEATTLE, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quark Expeditions, the global Leader in Polar Adventures, has announced a Black Friday Sale that features a 2-4-1 offer on select Arctic and Antarctic expeditions—some of them on the technologically-advanced Ultramarine—plus free cabin upgrades on future voyages, as well as a special offer for solo travelers.

Credit: Michelle Sole & Quark Expeditions[1]
Credit: Michelle Sole & Quark Expeditions

“We’ve designed our Black Friday Sale to fulfill the polar dreams of a cross-spectrum of travelers,” said Thomas Lennartz, Vice-president of Sales and Customer Service for Quark Expeditions. “Our Black Friday sale features incredible savings to first-time and repeat visitors to the Arctic and Antarctic. Our time-limited offers will also resonate with guests who plan to travel in the very near future, as well as those who are planning to explore two years from now. In addition, solo travelers benefit from our Black Friday Sale by only paying 50% of the regular single traveler rate.”

Quark Expeditions’ Black Friday Sale features:

Voyages included In Quark Expeditions’ Black Friday 2-4-1 Sale include :

Review Quark Expeditions’ Black Friday offers here[2].

About Quark Expeditions: Specializing exclusively in expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, Quark Expeditions[3]® has been the leading innovator of polar adventure since the company took the first group of consumer travelers to the North Pole in 1991. Quark Expeditions has been innovating ever since. With a diverse fleet of specially-equipped small expedition vessels and icebreakers—some of them equipped with helicopters—Quark Expeditions delivers deeply immersive polar experiences—and is able to take guests deeper into the Polar Regions than anyone else. Led by passionate and seasoned expedition teams, including scientists, wildlife experts and researchers, Quark Expeditions offers an onboard program that enriches the passenger experience. 

About Ultramarine:
The technologically-advanced Ultramarine, the newest addition to the Quark Expeditions fleet, is a game-changer in polar exploration. Equipped with two twin-engine Airbus 145 helicopters, 20 quick-launching Zodiacs and the largest portfolio of off-ship adventure options in the industry, Ultramarine changes the way guests explore the Polar Regions. Other features include a spa, sauna with floor-to-ceiling windows, fitness centre, yoga space, spacious rooms and two restaurants plus a lounge and presentation theatre. Ultramarine has been designed with advanced sustainability systems that help preserve the pristine Polar Regions for the next generation of explorers. Ultramarine has an Ice Class rating of 1A+ and Polar Class rating of PC6, which contribute to the vessel’s superior standards of safety standard. The ship’s innovative sustainability features, which help reduce its environmental footprint, include a micro auto gasification system (MAGS), which is capable of converting onboard waste into energy, eliminating the need for the transportation of waste.

About Travelopia: Travelopia[4] is one of the world’s leading specialist travel groups. A pioneer in the experiential travel sector with a portfolio consisting of more than 50 independently operated brands, most of which are leaders in their sector. From sailing adventures, safaris and sports tours, to Arctic expeditions, each brand is diverse and focused on creating unforgettable experiences for customers across the world.

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