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PSM: Shame on you, Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming

PSM: Shame on you, Nga Kor Ming

PSM: Shame on you, Nga Kor Ming

PUCHONG: It is shameful for Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Nga Kor Ming to allow SJK© Sin Min school board to name its new school block after him, said Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) today.

“It is unacceptable and disgusting. Even if the school board decided to pick his name, Nga can always be magnanimous and reject the school board’s proposal,” said PSM central committee member S Arutchelvan.

Recently, Perak MCA Bahasa Malaysia bureau chief Cally Ting had questioned the school’s decision to name its new administration block after Nga, via a video clip.

Nga, however, dismissed the matter saying it was the school board’s decision to pick his name and he did not make any request nor gave instruction for the school to do so.

“Malaysians are courteous in their culture. If the school wants to do so, I cannot say no,” the Aulong state assemblyman was reported saying.

He added that the practice of naming school blocks after politicians started way back during the previous administration.

Arutchelvan, however, was not impressed by Nga’s clarification.

The PSM leader urged Nga to learn a thing or two from Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who did not allow any personality cult to be built around him.

“When Mahathir became prime minister, he did not allow his name to be attached to any buildings, roads or public toilets.

“He also forbade schools to be named after him because he did not like to create a personality cult around him,” said Arutchelvan.

He also hurled brickbats on Nga for blaming the previous administration, saying the latter should set a better example instead of following previous practises.

“Nga’s reasoning that the practice of naming school blocks after politicians started way back during the previous administration does not hold water.

“He is supposed to undo these bad practices. Being a deputy speaker, Nga should show exemplary qualities and declined or direct the school board not to pick his name for the building,” said Arutchelvan.

By G Vinod

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