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Philips Projection Sets to Redefine Our Viewing Experience with the Launch of Two New Portable Projectors - The Leaders Online

Philips Projection Sets to Redefine Our Viewing Experience with the Launch of Two New Portable Projectors

Philips Projection Sets to Redefine Our Viewing Experience with the Launch of Two New Portable Projectors

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Philips Projection is today adding two new products to their family of high-performance projectors with the release of the all-in-one entertainment unit, the Philips PicoPix MaxTV, and the Philips GoPix 1, the first product of a new family of smartphones’ companion projectors.

Philips Max TV and GoPix head banner
Philips Max TV and GoPix head banner

Whether you are a value seeker, a freedom lover, cinema addict, or a design enthusiast, each Philips projector brings you the real emotions to emphasize, enlighten and supersize your content, via the various product collections NeoPix, PicoPix, Screeneo, and now the all-new GoPix.

With GoPix, Philips is launching a brand-new product line entirely dedicated to delivering users the perfect smartphone companion, while the new PicoPix member Philips PicoPix MaxTV is an all-in-one portable standalone unit.

“At Philips Projection, we’re always looking to break new ground. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the PicoPix MaxTV, the state-of-the-art product in portable entertainment, and the GoPix 1, the leading-edge smartphone companion. The real first pocket-size projector GoPix 1 offers a beautiful design, with its high-durable all-aluminum super-slim body. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind projector. Both products offer the best viewing experiences and high-end features for ultimate convenience, within two distinct portable projector product lines.” said Dan Mamane, President of Screeneo Innovation SA.

Philips PicoPix MaxTV


Staying true to PicoPix’s motto of “Streaming everywhere, gaming anywhere”, the PicoPix MaxTV takes the portable experience to a whole new level. All-in-one, the PicoPix MaxTV brings an immediate, full interactive entertainment universe using a vivid native True 1080p Full HD display and built-in Android TV, along with built-in 2.1 speakers delivering unbelievable power for a truly immersive cinematic experience, indoors and out.

Owing to the native 1080p True Full HD resolution with super-bright 4 channels LEDs and a TI DLP Cinema technology chip, users can enjoy chilling to their favorite movies, TV shows, or play games on a massive 120-inch and a best-in-class resolution with HDR10.

Go back-to-back bingeing on your favorite series as the Philips PicoPix MaxTV is Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ certified and incorporates the Google Assistant, Chromecast and a massive battery that lasts up to 4 hours1.

Benefit from a full seamless viewing experience which comprises bespoke AI-driven Auto Focus, Auto Keystone correction (vertical +45 degree), multiple image correction, 4-corner correction, and a light sensor for adaptive brightness wherever you go.

Settle back and experience the booming sound of these deep, powerful and immersive 2×12 watts built-in 2.1 speakers with a dedicated DSP. Through the bass-rich vibrations, the Philips PicoPix MaxTV will turn into your favorite portable audio system and keep the party going for up to 10 hours, even when the projector is off, using the Bluetooth 5.0 BoomBox mode.

Easily connect to notebooks, smartphones, or your favorite console for a captivating gaming session thanks to the low 16ms input lag and 60Hz refresh rate. Get connected as much as you need via HDMI or USB-C Video and play all your media via USB thanks to the built-in multimedia player.

The Philips PicoPix MaxTV comes with HDMI and USB-C video cables as well as an international charger and available on the 5th of November, starting from 899.99 EUR / 899.99 USD

Philips GoPix 1


The thinnest and brightest compact projector on the market, the all-new Philips GoPix 1 perfectly combines a timeless aluminum design and the latest DLP Cinema chip engineered with Texas Instruments, delivering a massive 75-inch right out of your pocket with vivid images of the highest standard.

The extraordinarily lean 18mm, highly refined, dark grey casing has been CNC machine manufactured to emphasize its ergonomics and attractive symmetry. This product redefines the market’s standard in terms of portability, features and design, while ideally connecting to your smartphones, tablets, and laptops no matter the operating system.

Its built-in speaker packs a punch, providing clear audio for your professional presentations or favorite movies. Along with the long-lasting battery, users can enjoy up to 2 hours of high-quality projection while the USB-C charging port connects to any PD power bank or charger for ultimate flexibility. The universal USB-C video port2 or HDMI offers further freedom for travelers on-the-go.

The introduction of the GoPix 1 Collection sees the brand’s foray into new products dedicated to mobility. Set to provide a high-end design with spectacular features, it will satisfy design addicts and all of those who appreciate finely crafted equipment that can serve as their stylish palm-sized companion presenter.

The Philips GoPix 1 comes with remote control, tripod, USB-C video and HDMI cables and is available on 20th of November, starting from 299.99 EUR / 299.99 USD

1. Based on eco-mode utilization. Battery life depends on the actual usage situation.

2. Compatible with smartphones that have Type-C USB Video Output

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About Screeneo Innovation SA (Philips Projection)

Screeneo Innovation SA, also known as Philips Projection, was created in 2018 and is an exclusive global brand licensing partner of PHILIPS. The company has acquired all the global rights to the PHILIPS brand for handheld, ultra-short throw projectors, and digital TV receivers. Screeneo Innovation SA is responsible for the design, manufacturing, sales, customer support, and serves as a global distributor of these products.

Google, Android TV, and other related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, are registered trademarks of their respective brand owners.

For more product information, please visit www.usa.philips.com/c-m-so/projectors

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