PAS led Kedah State Government is not suitable for multiracial country!

PAS led Kedah State Government is not suitable for multiracial country!

The recent statement from the Kedah Menteri Besar is proving that PAS is not fit to lead multiracial communities in the state/nation. I strongly condemn his statement to ‘ban’ MIC for defending Hindu Community interests especially in the issue of temple demolition in Kedah recently.

This is a second temple demolished by the PN government after taking over the Federal and State governments in a ‘backdoor’ way. Demolition of temples is a highly sensitive issue for Hindus and defending it is a right of every single Hindu in this country similarly as how other people defend their rights especially related to religion.

Is this a crime which requires to ban the political party or to arrest any individuals who have openly voice out the dissatisfaction? The interest and sensitivity of the third largest community in this country is being trampled by insensitive government.

Are we being worthless? The issue of so called ‘illegally occupied’ temples should have been handled in a more diplomatic manner. Command-and-conquer approach is not suitable to be used in religious matters. Soft approaches should be used to find a ‘win-win’ solution.

In a case where demolition could not be avoided, State government should have consulted and negotiated an acceptable solution with the temples and related bodies before demolishing the temples.

A new plot of land should have given to them for the relocation of the temples. If temples are adamant, Malaysia Hindu Sangam which is a government recognised body should have been roped in to negotiate a workable deal with the temples.

This could have reduced the Hindu community’s anger. However, Kedah Menteri Besar from PAS led government is behaving arrogantly and failed to find an amicable solution and resort to threaten one of the largest political party MIC which is being part of the ruling government at state and federal level. This is unwarranted for.

Despite of being in a different political ideology, condemning my fellow brothers and sisters for defending our religion will not be tolerated at any time. Please be reminded that we have faced similar issue in Padang Jawa Temple in 2007 during the BN administration and led to the largest demonstration by HINDRAF.

HINDRAF was the catalyst for the political change in the history of our nation. Do not repeat the same mistakes. We will not keep quiet when our religion and fellow brothers and sisters are being attacked. Definitely we will unite.

Ganabatirau Veraman is the Selangor DAP vice-chairman

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