Palm oil boycott is bad but I will not hold back my tongue-Dr M

Palm oil boycott is bad but I will not hold back my tongue-Dr M

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he was concerned about India’s boycott on Malaysia’s palm oil products.

However, a defiant Mahathir insisted that he will continue to speak out on any issues as he deemed fit.

“We are concerned of course because we sell a lot of palm oil to India, but on the other hand we need to be frank and see that if something goes wrong, we will have to say it.

“If we allow things to go wrong and think only about the money involved, then I think a lot of wrong things will be done, by us and by other people,” he said, after Bank Rakyat’s Inaugural Integrity Forum 2020 at Menara Bank Rakyat here today.

He was commenting on reports that India, who is the biggest palm oil importer from Malaysia, will restrict its purchases due to Mahathir’s incessant criticism on the subcontinent.

Last year, Mahathir accused India of ‘invading and occupying’ Kashmir by revoking its autonomy and placing it under federal control.

He also falsely claimed that India’s newly enacted Citizen Amendment Act would affect the citizenship of Muslims in the country.

Yesterday, several officials said that Malaysia may look to Pakistan and other nations for a better deal on palm oil exports.

The Langkawi MP said that he would look into other measures in order to mitigate the fallout from India’s decision against Malaysian palm oil.

“I’m still studying the matter,” he said.

By Irman Hashim

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