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Number of flood evacuees in five states soars to over 27,000 - The Leaders Online

Number of flood evacuees in five states soars to over 27,000

Number of flood evacuees in five states soars to over 27,000

KUALA LUMPUR: The number of flood victims in five states climbed to 27,467 this morning, with Johor, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka continuing to record an increase in the number of evacuees compared to yesterday.

In JOHOR, the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) said the number of evacuees had doubled, with 25,213 people in relief centres this morning, as compared to 9,162 at 8 pm last night with Batu Pahat being the tenth and latest district to be hit by floods.

“Segamat is the worst affected district with 2,050 families evacuated to 55 relief centres, followed by Kluang with 1,559 families at 39 centres; Kota Tinggi with 769 families at 18 centres; Johor Bahru with 607 at 12 centres and Pontian involving 58 families at five centres,” the JPBN said in a statement today.

Also affected is the Muar district with 445 families housed at 12 centres; Kulai (242 families at six centres); Mersing (146 families at five centres); and Tangkak (254 families at 13 centres); and Batu Pahat (883 families at 22 centres).

Water levels in 17 rivers in the districts of Segamat, Muar, Tangkak, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Kulai, Kota Tinggi and Mersing were reported to have exceeded their danger levels.

The rivers include Sungai Muar in Segamat Kecil (Segamat) recorded a reading of 37.71 metres; Sungai Muar in Kampung Awat (Segamat) at 20.94 metres and Sungai Siam (Kulai) at 20.96 metres.

In PAHANG, the number of evacuees in five districts rose to 1,375 people from 374 families this morning, up from 293 people last night and all of them were housed at 26 relief centres.

According to the Social Welfare Department Info Bencana portal, Rompin had the highest number of evacuees at 627, followed by Maran (489), Jerantut (94), Pekan (88) and Raub (77).

In NEGERI SEMBILAN, state Civil Defence Force (APM) director Lt Col (PA) Mohd Nazri Mes Kam said the number of evacuees increased from 145 to 704 as of 4 am today, and they were currently taking shelter in 10 relief centres.

He said the 10 centres are Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Londah, Balai Raya Pasir Besar, SK Sungai Kelamah, SK Gedok and SK Agama Rakyat Felda Jelai 4 in Tampin; SK Felda Palong 7, SK Felda Palong 1 and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Ladang Sialang in Jempol; as well as Dewan Desa Dangi and SK Kuala Pilah in Kuala Pilah.

In SABAH, the JPBN secretariat, in a statement, 108 people from 24 families remained in a centre at Dewan Mini Kampung Simpang Entilibon in Tongod this morning.

In MALACCA, the number of evacuees rose to 67 people from 21 families at 8 am today compared to 22 people from eight families at 8 pm yesterday.

The Melaka JPBN, in a statement today, said all the victims have been evacuated to three relief centres, namely Balai Raya Bukit Tambun in Alor Gajah, as well as SK Asahan and SK Chohong in Jasin. – Bernama