No more election please before Anti Hopping laws !

No more election please before Anti Hopping laws !

Why do we need an election if chosen candidates don’t respect the will of the people? After Sheraton move, there was a whole cry of betrayal and backstabbing, after the fall of the Kedah, Melaka and Perak Government the same voices shouted betrayal and backstabbing.

Then Sabah state election was called after another round of same routine and same slogans. And now, one year after the Sheraton anniversary; we hear again that MP Larry Sng and Tebrau MP Steven Choong jumped ship. And we hear the same song being played again. When will this ever end?

When PSM lost badly in the last election, we were still happy because a 60 years UMNO hegemony fell. When Dr. Jeyakumar, PSM Sg Siput incumbent candidate lost in the last election, even losing his deposit, he still managed to say that we should never blame the people. People voted for change and that was the big picture.

Today the only picture visible to the rakyat is that no politician or no political party can be trusted. The will of the people is just balloting once in 5 years and losing that right immediately after they have voted.

Once a person is elected, the people cannot recall their elected reps in spite that it is their tax payers money which is used for the fat salaries of MPs and ADUNs. People are no more the bosses.

And now why must the rakyat go out to vote if their rights and choices are not respected? This turns the election into a circus and a mockery of our democracy.

It is time we have anti hopping laws first before we have another GE. It is also time the rakyat have a right to recall any elected representative who betray their mandate. No elected reps should be able to hop as they please and fancy.

During this times of emergency, when laws can be enacted with ease, the only law which matters is the Anti Hopping law.

S Arutchelvan is the deputy chairperson of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)

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