New Awakening Class Zayed Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

New Awakening Class Zayed Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

SEOUL, South Korea, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Zayed class has arrived in Black Desert Mobile, after it made a brief first appearance as an easter egg during the Calpheon Ball held last year. Also, a collaboration event with Amazon Prime Gaming has returned, offering an opportunity to obtain lucrative rewards.  

New Awakening Class Zayed Arrives in Black Desert Mobile
New Awakening Class Zayed Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

Zayed, the sand serpent, is the awakening class of Hashashin, who overcame histrials and received the true blessing of Aal. He possesses control over sand which allows him to summon sand serpents, ruling over the battlefield by making all of his enemies tremble in fear. 

With his enormous double-edged Dual Glaives as a main weapon, he can unleash a flurry of unavoidable attacks as if the weapon were light as a feather, pushing his enemies to the edge. Zayed’s main skills are as follows: 

  • Purge: Zayed smashes the ground with his Dual Glaives, inflicting Daze on hit, and the sand serpent will inflict Knockback as it assaults the enemy. 
  • Ensnaring Sands: Zayed drives his Dual Glaives into the ground, then uses his two hands to control their power and summon sand serpents that bring destruction to a wide area. 
  • Condemnation: Zayed leaps into the air with sand serpents summoned by the power of his Dual Glaives, then strikes the enemy down together. 

Starting today, an array of events will begin to celebrate Zayed’s arrival. Adventurers can collect Sandstorm Relics and exchange them for reward chests containing items such as Chaos Cores, Shadow Knots, and Chaos Crystals. Special daily missions will also be held which offer an opportunity to obtain an Ah’krad.

Watch Zayed’s combat trailer here and preview here

Moreover, a new season of the Amazon Prime Gaming collaboration event will begin today. Adventurers who subscribed to Prime Gaming can redeem a coupon by logging into their official website. Lucrative rewards such as an Ah’krad Crystal, a Dimensional Crystal Chest, Dawning Moonstones, and Nightblooms can be obtained on a weekly basis. 

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