Musadaah Covid-19 fund meant for all Malaysians misinterpreted

by Theleaders-Online | March 25, 2020 9:07 am

I have never mentioned that the #MUSAADAHCOVID19[1] fund is merely for Muslims. I have repeatedly explained that it is for those people who are in need regardless of races and religions including the frontliners and others for instance the apprentice officers of JAKIM and deceased handling team. Refer here:[2]

Besides the asnaf who are of the first priority, the agencies of the Minister of Prime Minister Office (Islamic Affairs) to date have contributed more than RM20 million to the homeless, frontliners and students in Federal Territories as well as outside Federal Territories.

I will not tolerate any statement which does not reflect the stand that I have held from my six years in government sector especially related to inter-religious and inter-racial relationships.

Thus, with all respect, I am asking the Malay Mail to rectify the latter statement and to make a public apology regarding this matter.

Datuk DR. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri is a Minister Of The Prime Minister Office (ISLAMIC AFFAIRS)


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