Announces Kickstarter Campaign Announces Kickstarter Campaign

SYDNEY, Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On October 3 2020, a company dedicated to the betterment of human health through physiotherapy and design, launches the Kickstarter campaign for Mobilization Magic, a patented, researched mobilization tool to help reduce pain and increase range of movement in muscles and joints. The Kick starter campaign is to fund the cost of the mould of the product and to get the first 1000 products out of the mould. People who pledge to buy on Kickstarter get a 40% discount off the price.

The Tool being used on a Tight Calf
The Tool being used on a Tight Calf

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As with all Kick Starter campaigns you do not pay anything until the campaign is successful, only then will your funding be accepted.

Peter Gregory an award-winning Australian Physiotherapist has designed this mobilization tool to improve your flexibility and reduce pain in the comfort of your home.

Mr Gregory says “Painful muscles and joints will benefit using a combination of pressure and time. Patients report that improvements can often be felt within the first week of use. You will achieve maximum benefits with daily use and by following these instructions carefully.

Whats unique about the tool is the MMT has a radius of 25mm – designed to deliver pressure where it’s needed – to unlock the blockages that injuries or strains have caused. The radius of the MMT is the same as your elbow. As you probably know, therapists often use their elbow to manipulate and loosen muscle fascia, which when contracted and tight, constrains the muscle and blood flow, impeding recovery. Initially that pressure treatment may well increase the pain, but as the pressure continues to be applied (over several sessions) the dysfunctional limb, joint or muscle usually recovers and the pain melts away. The MMT works on the same principle. You can think of the MMT as “Your 24/7 therapist elbow” because it allows you to let gravity and your bodyweight take the place of a ‘live’ therapist.

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Award Winning Chairs: Peter is the  Inventor of the Gregory Chair