The MindLax Sleeping Mat uses tactile-aural mechanisms that trigger the body’s natural processes to induce relaxation and aid better sleep

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MindLax, the leading innovator in natural sleep and relaxation products and maker of the MindLax Sleeping Mat sleep solution system, today announces the availability of their Sleeping Mat on Kickstarter.  Following its success in overseas markets, the MindLax Sleeping Mat lands in the USA, and aims to be the leading solution for natural sleep, relaxation hardware, and a safer, more effective alternative to pills, booze masks and ear plugs. The MindLax Sleeping Mat is now available for purchase on Kickstarter, and will be shipping later in May.

MindLax Sleeping mat helps you fall asleep in 10 minutes.
MindLax Sleeping mat helps you fall asleep in 10 minutes.

Designed based on proven clinical research, the MindLax Sleeping Mat uses a three step science-based process. The Sleeping Mat is powered by patented Neuro TIM and Neuro Arc technology, which uses vibroacoustic waves and conduction to gently stimulate the body’s cells that influence alpha waves in the brain. The tactical-aural mechanism switches the brains’ DPN and TPN modes and helps users drift off to sleep, faster and more deeply. The MindLax Mat is a safe, non drug and non-invasive sleep solution made of plush and silky high-end conductive materials, and although produces sounds, it does not contain any hard speakers. The MindLax Sleeping Mat can be used as a way to maximize Yoga Nidra, supercharge napping sessions and its portability make road trips more comfortable or users can simply use it for maximizing meditation or relaxation.

The Sleeping Mat utilizes a revolutionary Multi-frequency Waveguide System (MWS) that creates high fidelity immersive sound and vibrations that emanate through its unique waveguide material. First introduced for use in physical therapy, data showed how vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) could trigger the body’s natural responses and help users achieve states of relaxation more quickly, resulting in quicker and more satisfying sleep. The sleep experts at MindLax have harnessed this process in a portable comfortable form factor – the MindLax Sleeping Mat.  Say goodbye to sleep problems, as the MindLax Sleeping Mat produces high fidelity sounds and vibrations that mimic the gentle tactile vibrations of a moving car or mother’s rocking, helping people drift away to a quick and restful sleep or relaxation zone.

To help users build healthy sleep and relaxation habits the MindLax sleep experts have created a companion APP with multiple intelligent modes. Based on data collected from extensive use in clinical and physical therapy the APP is powered by an AI algorithm that ensures no matter the length of rest, you are refreshed and ready for whatever is next. Simply choose the desired mode and duration, and the MindLax APP does the rest, so users can be super relaxed and instantly refreshed for the day ahead. 

In the era of VUCA, more and more people suffer from insomnia due to anxiety and stress, and the quality of life is greatly reduced. Most people hope to solve it through drugs, and drug addiction can’t be cured and is a growing issue. MindLax founder, Dr. Liu, saw colleagues around him (who often travel to multiple countries every month) were affected by lack of sleep, and some even lost their lives because of it. Dr. Liu felt that he could solve this problem through his current understanding and innovation of brain science. “Awaken the self-healing power of life!” this is Dr. Liu’s idea, from Healthcare to Selfcare. 

The MindLax Sleeping Mat is designed to help you fall asleep quickly and improve your overall sleep quality. To learn more about the MindLax Sleeping Mat sign up for their Kickstarter here, or check out their website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram

About MindLax
Sleep is a gift, however, for some it is elusive.  We have all been searching for solutions to this problem through meditation, medicine, yoga, hypnosis, physical therapy, with no clear solution, we at MindLax strive to change that.  MindLax is dedicated to bringing solutions that are easy to use and founded on clinical research, evidence-based uses of AI technology, and super conductive materials.  Based on balancing the brain’s activity by stimulating the body’s natural responses to external stimuli we aim to create a sonic feedback loop between our products and your body to supercharge your natural relaxation process.

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